Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) returns on November 5 with the Fall Classic Halloween Hangover LIVE on the GFL Combat Sports Network at GFL.tv. The stacked event comes from the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma, the home base of operations for IZW. If you can’t be in the arena you can still watch it live online through the GFL Combat Sports Network at GFL.tv. In a match that is sure to be a classic, IZW Heavyweight Champion, Jermaine Johnson puts his nearly year-long title reign on the line as he faces the always formidable Double D.






Johnson and Double D have been feuding for months, which is only a single piece of an even larger feud D has been having for over a year with members and former members of Impact Inc. Johnson is looking to finally remove the thorn that is Double D from his and his faction’s side once and for all with the highest prize in the game at stake, the IZW World Heavyweight Title, this Saturday night on GFL.tv.





Outside of the ring Johnson and Double D couldn’t be further apart. But inside of the ring it’s a different story. They are opposite sides of the same coin, the yin and yang of IZW. Both are fierce competitors, technically sound and able to wrestle a variety of different styles that gives them an advantage against most opponents. But that’s where the similarities end.





Johnson is a brash, loud, arrogant, in-your-face professional wrestler who loves to be the center of attention. Johnson has never met a better wrestler than himself, just ask him. And for nearly a year he has proven that to be true time and time again. Along with being the current IZW World Heavyweight Champion, Johnson has also tasted gold 4 other times as one half of the IZW Tag Team Champions. Winner of the 2010 Monsters Bash Battle Royal, Johnson is one of the most decorated wrestlers in IZW history. His Steel Cage Match against Montego Seeka was voted Match of the Year in 2010 and encapsulates the kind of warrior Johnson is. You might not like how he approaches his chosen profession, but you have to admire and respect his accomplishments inside of the ring.






Double D on the other hand has always been the consummate professional. He is more reserved and low key that almost anyone on the IZW roster, but don’t mistake his modesty for weakness. Double D is a silent assassin in the ring. Even with his humble disposition and maybe partly because of it, Double D was voted the 2010 Superstar of the Year on the Oklahoma pro wrestling circuit. Double D lets his actions do the talking as evidenced by his two most recent feuds with Jermaine Johnson and before that with the one-time leader of Impact Inc., “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z. The latter rivalry was the winner for Feud of the Year in 2010 also on the Oklahoma circuit and set the territory on fire.






So what is going to happen when Jermaine Johnson and Double D lock horns at Halloween Hangover with the most prestigious title in the organization up for grabs? The outcome of this match could set the tone and direction of IZW for the foreseeable future. Will Johnson be able to once again defeat a credible challenger and add to his legacy as one of the all-time best wrestlers in IZW history? Or will Double D be able overcome insurmountable odds and pull off the biggest win of his career and become the new IZW Heavyweight Champion? Tune in November 5 to find out.


The entire card reads as follows.





Main Event - The Monsters Bash Battle Royal


Heavyweight Championship - Jermaine Johnson (c) VS Double D


"The Shooter" Brent Albright VS "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil


Impact Division Championship – "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry (c) VS "The Widow Maker" Angel Williams


Erica VS Starr VS A Mystery Woman


John O'Malley VS Bad Brad Michaels


Tag Team Championship – Old School Suckas (c) VS Nemesis





Don’t miss the most exciting iPPV of the fall when IZW presents Halloween Hangover on Saturday, November 5 on GFL.tv. This star-studded event will also be streamed live to the GFL Roku Channel, iPhone, iPad and the latest Droid mobile devices and of course all Internet-connected computers.






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