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IZW started off with a jaw dropping announcement and wrestler return on the January 14 edition on GFL.tv. With the whole IZW locker room surround the ring in anticipation, Brandon Bishop returned to IZW after more than five years, with Valerie by his side, and he did so as the new IZW Commissioner replacing Jeff Wolfenbarger. Wolfenbarger might have relinquished his role as commissioner, but he raised the stakes and increased the brand awareness of IZW by scooping up Bishop and giving him the key to the city, so to speak. IZW continues to be on the cutting edge of professional wrestling and throwing Bishop into the mix that is Impact Zone Wrestling will only enhance the overall product which can now be viewed worldwide in streaming video at GFL.tv.


The opening match saw IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil and Jermaine Johnson once again team up in tag action, to defeat The Future Hall of Famers (Brad Michaels and Wage). Bishop sanctioned the match as his first official match as IZW Commissioner. Neil and Johnson showed great chemistry again as tag team partners, and this new twist on their feud can only enhance their main event matchup at Violent Valentine in a TLC Match for the Heavyweight Title on February 11. Neil had the match won and was read to pin Wage, and then in typical Johnson fashion, tagged himself in and picked the bones of Wage to get the pinfall for himself. Neil had the last laugh though as he slammed Johnson face first down in the middle of the ring leaving the former champion motionless looking up at the lights.


In the second bout of the evening, Starr defeated Miss Diss Lexia via the Falling Star with the help of Bobby Star who distracted the referee. Starr and Bobby Star is an odd pairing to say the least, but it showed here it is an effective pairing as when all was said and done, Starr got the victory.


Kevin Morgan defeated Randy Price via the Nuclear Explosion after Price’s attention turned to Bishop who came down to the ring to interrupt and goad Price. For what it’s worth, Price looks to have done a 180⁰ with this career and taken it in a completely different direction by stepping away from Impact Inc. He had the big man Morgan in trouble but the distraction by Commissioner Bishop caused Price to lose his concentration for a split second and that was all the big man needed to finish the job.


John O'Malley defeated Bobby Star. Bobby Star was in the backstage area clipping Starr’s toenails when O’Malley degraded Starr and this turned into a score that needed to be settled in the ring. O’Malley decimated Star and finished the bout with a slam and then a Senton that crushed Star into the canvas for the easy 1-2-3. After the match, Brad Michaels came down to the ring, from the announcers’ booth, and gave O’Malley a DDT followed up by a shot with the brass knuckles, knocking O’Malley out.


In the main event, IZW Impact Division Champion Rage Logan defeated Double D in a hotly contested 20-minute grappling clinic with two of the best cruiserweights in the territory. It was a back and forth match when Double D looked to finally gain the advantage and go for his patented Defacer when all of a sudden the lights went out. When the lights returned, Double D was knocked out, and lying in the middle of the ring. Logan looked confused, but his wrestling instincts took over and he covered D’s motionless body to get the pinfall victory and retain his Impact Division title. Although this was a great victory for Logan, the bigger question of the night is what happened to Double D, who was still out cold as the broadcast went off the air.


Tune in next Saturday, January, 21 to find out what happened to Double D, and what new IZW Commissioner, Brandon Bishop has in store for the IZW roster. One thing is for certain, IZW is going through some big changes…Be there to witness it firsthand only at GFL.tv.


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