IZW January 21st, 2012 Recap


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Double D came out to the ring with Erica alongside, to start the January 21 IZW free, broadcast on GFL.tv. D cut a compelling promo against the Mystery Man who cost him the Impact Division Championship in his match with Rage Logan a week earlier. Double D is hell bent on finding out who this Mystery Man is and settling the score. Next up was new IZW Commish Brandon Bishop, who got into a verbal scuffle with Double D, only to be interrupted by the giant Kevin Morgan. Morgan has been on a terror lately and dishing out pain to every opponent he’s faced. He challenged Double D to an impromptu match, which Double D accepted and the show was off to the races.


Morgan used his size and strength and wore down Double D with slams, and other power moves. But Double D is one of the most resilient wrestlers in the sport and would not give up. As the match got longer, Double D’s cardio conditioning started to come in to play, as D’s speed and agility started to pay dividends. D landed a flying knee and then went for a top rope finisher, but Morgan was able to grab Double D in midflight and power bomb him to the mat. Double D turned the tide one more time and set up Morgan for a cross body off of the top rope, but as Double D executed the move, the lights went out again. When they came back on, both grapplers were standing in the middle of the ring with their backs turned to one another. Morgan seized the opportunity and delivered his version of the choke slam for the pinfall victory. This makes two weeks in a row, where the lights have gone out during Double D matches, matches that he was ready to win. After the bout, Bishop made a new match for Violent Valentine on February 11. It will be a Triple Threat Match with Rage Logan defending his belt against Double D, and the Mystery Man! No doubt, February 11 cannot get here fast enough for Double D.


Next up was Randy Price versus Bobby Star with Starr. Price has been on quite a roll since his break up from Impact Inc., and showed it in this bout as he was too much for Bobby Star. Price ended the bout with his famous Piledriver 1-2-3 and sent Star home with a painful loss.


Impact Division Champion, Rage Logan, defeated Jordan Jacobs in the match of the night. It was a back and forth bout with several close pinfalls, with Jacobs gaining the upper hand early based off of his athleticism, but the Champion fought back valiantly. Jacobs stunned Logan with the Torture Rack Bomb, and then went to the top rope where Damien Morte interfered and distracted the referee long enough for Logan to come out of the fog. Logan grabbed Jacobs and landed a screwdriver neck breaker that ended Jacobs’ night. It was Logan’s best match in IZW since his return.


Aaron Neil and Jermaine Johnson confronted each other in the middle of the ring. Both wrestlers jawed at each other until The Future Hall of Famers came out to the ring to break up the festivities. This prompted Commissioner Brandon Bishop to come down to the ring once again. And for the third week in a row, Neil and Johnson were paired up in tag team completion, this time against Eric Rose and David Windsor. Neil ended the match with a Real Drill on Eric Rose as Johnson recovered from a spinning heel kick. During the post-match, Johnson threw a series of punches to Neil and finally got him down to the mat. Johnson then brought in a chair from outside the ring, but Neil turned the tables and delivered a Real Drill slamming Johnson on the cold, hard steel.


Kyra Maya took on Erica with Starr as Guest Referee. It was a glorified handicap match as Maya broke rules from the get go, and Starr fast counted the pinfall giving the victory to her running mate, Maya.


In the main event, it was a Last Man Standing Match between John O’Malley and “Bad” Brad Michaels. It was a brutal and bloody match as O’Malley and Michaels took this match to the very ends of punishment. Michaels came equipped with the brass knuckles that have helped him out in the past, but it was not enough as O’Malley overcame that and more and finally won after he delivered three Swintons his variation on a Senton on to the motionless body of Michaels. Michaels suffered severe internal bleeding and possibly a punctured lung as he was spitting up blood as he lay on the mat for several minutes. Finally, Michaels was put in a neck brace and lifted onto a stretcher and taken out of the Impact Arena. Sometimes when you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Michaels has been going at O’Malley pretty hard for some time and he finally bit off more than he could chew on this night as the big man made him pay for every insult, and bad thing he has ever done. For Michaels, this bout might possibly be a career-killer as he most certainly will never be the same again. Only time will tell how much was permanently taken out of Brad Michaels career with this match, but you can bet your bottom dollar, he will never be 100% again.


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