IZW 7-14-12 Review


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The July 14 episode of IZW TV on GFL.tv was the go-home show before the iPPV “Evolution” on July 21 and boy was it a doozy. It was highlighted by a great and totally out of control main event and gave a preview for what fans can expect in a week when the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. battles the Brandon Bishop led Impact in the a 10-man tag match in the Impact Chamber.



In the main event, for the IZW Heavyweight Championship of the World, Aaron “The Bronze Bull” retained his title over Johnny Z via disqualification on Neil’s part after a hard hitting and rugged match. In the early going, Johnny Z used his feet to stick and move and work over Neil part by part, first by landing a series of punches and then by attacking Neil’s leg and dropping the stud champion. But Neil is a champion for a reason and always had an answer for Johnny Z including a spinebuster that shut down Z’s initial attack. Add to that a powerslam, and throwing Johnny Z into the guardrail on the outside of the ring and Neil was firmly in control. But Johnny Z was able to rise to the occasion and would not let himself be pinned and even got Neil in a headlock where he cranked away on Neil’s skull, but that was quickly shut down by a knee from Neil to Z’s midsection. Neil had the match going his way but got a little careless, a little cocky and Johnny Z made him pay with a float over DDT that took the “Bronze Bull” down and seemed to have Z pull even with the IZW Heavyweight Champion. As the crowd chanted “Johnny Z” both men rose to their feet and Z looked like he was lining Neil up for a Big Boot, but from behind, Kevin Morgan attacked Z ending the match in a disqualification. But that wasn’t the worst part for Johnny Z. Damon Windsor and Jordan Jacobs rushed to the ring and aided Morgan in a 3 on 1 mauling of Johnny Z who had already had a grueling main event match with Neil. Jermaine Johnson, Double D and Randy Price hit the ring almost immediately to even up the odds and as they tossed Big Business, Jacobs and Neil out of the ring while Johnny Z recovered. Once again, Neil escaped the Impact Arena with the Heavyweight Title, but come this Saturday, there will be no escape as Neil and nine other men will be locked inside the Impact Chamber where the only way out will be to go through your opponent!



Earlier in the night, Jermaine Johnson, Double D and Eric defeated Big Business and Venus in a 6-man mixed tag team match when Erica used a Sliced Bread on Venus for the pinfall. Erica’s finishing move followed up a springboard cross-body into an ES2 from Johnson and D that took out Morgan and Windsor. Even with the size advantage of Big Business, the teamwork of Double D and Johnson kept the big men off balance just enough to give Erica the opening she needed to go for the win.



There was so much more to the night, with all of the IZW Superstars in full force and only a week away from “Evolution”!



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