Evolution Review 7-21-12


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The Impact Chamber lived up to all the hype as it was a display of brutality and pain like never before seen in IZW as “Evolution”, the summer blockbuster iPPV, delivered in every way possible.



In the main event, for the very soul of Impact Zone Wrestling, it was Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc. (Bishop, Aaron Neil, Jordan Jacobs, Kevin Morgan and Damon Windsor) who defeated the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. (Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson, Double D, Gary Tool and Randy Price) after an hour long contest of violence and carnage that left every wrestler bruised and battered. But it was the way in which Bishop’s crew won that had many in attendance, and watching worldwide on GFL.tv, picking their jaws up off the floor. The final competitors in the match included Johnny Z and Brandon Bishop, the two generals for their respective factions. Covered in sweat by this point, Z and Bishop went toe to toe inside the steel cage as Erica, who was also present in the ring, cheered on Johnny Z and got the crowd to rally around the “Natural Born Leader”. Z was able to get the upper hand in part because Bishop’s teammate Aaron Neil would not leave the cage after previously being eliminated. Neil went for a spear on Johnny Z who sidestepped the move as Neil crashed head first into Bishop. Z then tossed Neil against the cage incapacitating the “Bronze Bull” for the time being. Bishop was in the perfect spot for Johnny Z to nail him with the big boot but instead, in a move nobody saw coming, Erica nailed Z with a low blow that sent Z down to the mat writhing in pain and shockwaves through the Impact Arena. Erica was a turncoat! Bishop used the moment to regain his momentum and finished Johnny Z with a variation of a Death Valley driver. Bishop’s group now can lay claim to being the only rightful Impact Inc. in IZW.



What happened next was uncalled for and a sickening display of humanity. Bishop’s teammates entered the ring and started to give Johnny Z one of the worst beat downs in all of professional wrestling. Johnny Z fought back but the odds were stacked against him 7 to 1 as Erica and Shawn McHale even got involved in the action. By the time it was over, Z was a mess with a pool of his own blood covering the green mat. The cage had to be torn apart before paramedics could even take Z out on a stretcher. All this time Z laid on the mat unconscious and as the show went off the air it was unclear what type of trauma his brain and body suffered in the final moments. The career of Johnny Z looked to have come to a violent end at “Evolution”.



In other action, The Convict and Kyra Maya defeated Cody Jones in a handicap match after The Convict caught Jones flying from the top rope and choke slammed him down to the mat where Maya finished of Jones’ night with the pin.



In a Falls Count Anywhere Match, Damien Morte defeated Rage Logan after a senton bomb from the top of the mezzanine in the back area as Morte and Logan crashed through a pair of tables that Logan was lying on. Morte was bloodied up in the match that saw the two fight around the entire arena and after the final move, both men were bleeding internally no doubt. It was a great display of athleticism combined with brutality and showed fans watching that even as singles wrestlers, Morte and Logan are two of the best.



In the Brass Knuckles-Ladder Match, Bryan Cruize defeated O’Malley in a hard hitting and power move induced match. O’Malley was able to climb to the top of the tallest ladder and get the brass knuckles that hung from the ceiling, but that turned out to be his demise as Cruize was able to take the metal weapon and use it on O’Malley crushing in his forehead and getting the pinfall.



In the Tiara on a Pole Match, Angel Blue defeated Venus and Erica as she became the new Queen of IZW. The women’s division has never been so competitive.



IZW will be a very different place from now on as Brandon Bishop got the last laugh on Johnny Z with his acquisition of Erica. Tune in next Saturday to see what the fallout will be. “Evolution” was full of epic matches, most notably the Impact Chamber and The Falls Count Anywhere Match. To see the best professional wrestling on the Independent circuit, order this event on video on demand now.


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