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The July 28 episode of IZW TV on was the first show after the epic iPPV “Evolution” where Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc. defeated the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. in the Impact Chamber to claim the sole title and usage of the name Impact Inc. The match was a hellacious back and forth battle and saw Erica backstab Johnny Z that led to the deciding pin by Bishop and an ensuing 7 on 1 beat down of Z by Bishop and Company. Tonight was the dawn of a new era in IZW, the “Brandon Bishop and Impact Inc. Era” and one that was missing the founder and owner, Johnny Z, who was hospitalized from his devastating and possibly career ending injuries.



In the main event, Jermaine Johnson defeated Brandon Bishop in an Impact Rules Match which means no DQ and no count out. In effect, everything was legal in this clash of the titans. All eyes were on this match and in the beginning both Johnson and Bishop went tit for tat fighting inside and outside of the ring. Bishop was accompanied by the Jezebel herself, Erica, in a hot match right from the opening bell with hard hitting action that saw both men taking punishment, including Bishop smashing Johnson’s head into the steel steps outside of the ring and Johnson picking up a strike as he used Bishop as a bowling ball and launched him into a dozen steel chairs that were set up inside of the ring. As the match continued and the stakes grew higher, Johnson had Double D and Randy Price watching his back while Bishop had members of Impact Inc. doing the same. The ending came with the crowd chanting “we got this” and giving Johnson all the energy he needed. Johnson countered a middle rope suplex by Bishop and landed a perfect ES2 for the pinfall, defeating the IZW Commissioner and showing that even though Johnny Z is on the shelf, the fighting spirit of Johnny Z and his comrades is still alive and well. Bishop was intent on “fixing” IZW and figured that with Johnny Z out of the picture things would fall in to place easily. He was wrong.



But it wasn’t all roses for Johnson and his crew. In the co-main event, “The Image of War” and one half of the IZW Tag Team Champions, Kevin Morgan defeated Randy Price after receiving some outside help from fellow Big Business partner, Damon Windsor. Windsor shoved Price off the top rope when the ref wasn’t looking setting up choke slam by Morgan that nearly broke Price in half.



In what is becoming an all too common phenomenon, Aaron Neil defended his IZW title against an outmatched opponent again as he smashed through Soto Miyagi on his way to another easy title defense. But the joke might be on Neil as before Johnny Z went out of action, he set up a few matches for IZW’s next iPPV “Redemption” on September 15. In the main event for “Redemption”, for the IZW World Heavyweight Title, it will be Neil defending against Jermaine Johnson and Double D in a TLC Match! There will be nowhere for Neil to hide in that match and no tomato can for him to wrestle.



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