IZW 7-7-12 Review


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With only two weeks to go until “Evolution”, the most talked about summer iPPV of the year, IZW continued to ramp up the drama and intrigue as more gasoline was thrown on the fire that is a modern day pro wrestling’s civil war as The Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. was once again embroiled in a battle with Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc. Both factions are sitting on a powder keg that is ready to explode; the only question is will it happen before the 10-man Tag Team Match in the Impact Chamber on July 21?



Like any good boxing match, this feud has gone back and forth several times with this week Johnny Z’s Impact Inc. gaining the momentum in the feud once again as it went 5-0 against Bishop’s Impact Inc. throughout the course of the night!



In the main event, Randy Price defeated one half of the IZW Tag Team Champions Damon Windsor in a Lumberjack Strap Match which saw the rest of the warring factions of Impact Inc. surround the ring as Price and Windsor punished each other from post to post as the lumberjacks all had leather straps that they used as weapons if the wrestlers fell out of the ring. This match was a great primer for the Impact Chamber at “Evolution” when Price, Windsor and the other eight wrestlers will put their bodies and careers on the line in the most terrifying match in IZW. Price showed off some high risk maneuvers as he pulled out all of the stops and even hit Windsor with a blockbuster. The lumberjacks were also all too willing to get involved in the match and near the end of the bout Aaron Neil and Johnny Z went head to head outside of the ring, which brought all of the remaining lumberjacks towards one another as a gang war broke out in the Impact Arena. Windsor then went over the top rope and landed on the mass of bodies fighting on the outside knocking them all down like bowling pins. Price let loose his own high risk maneuver as he climbed to the top rope and launched himself backwards into a twisting moonsault. Both Price and Windsor made their way back to the ring where Price was given a chair by Gary Tool and used it to smack Windsor in the back and then one more time in the skull before finally picking up the win.



In other action, Gary Tool defeated the other half of the IZW Tag Team Champions, “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan. The crafty veteran Tool made up for Morgan’s strength and size by pulling a sunset flip over the top ropes out of nowhere and getting the big man off balance and down to the mat for the pinfall. The Old School Suckas went 2-0 against the current tag champs, Big Business, unfortunately for the OSS, it was in singles competition where the belts were not on the line.



Also, the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. featuring Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson and Double D defeated Bishop’s Impact Inc. featuring Bishop, Jordan Jacobs and Aaron Neil in a 6-man tag team match. The match went everywhere, including outside of the ring, in the seating area, in the Snackdown area and everywhere else. It was total chaos. Just how Johnny Z likes it. The violence finally continued inside of the ring where Jordan Jacobs became the sacrificial lamb as he was beaten down 3 on 1 including getting a Defacer from Double D, an ES2 from Jermaine Johnson and a Big Boot by Johnny Z while Neil and Bishop looked on from the ramp. The win gave Johnny Z’s Impact Inc. a clean sweep against Bishop’s Impact Inc. and proved that nobody pushes around Johnny Z and Co.



“Evolution” is right around the corner, if you’re a fan of pro wrestling you need to get caught up with all of the action and watch the lead up to what will no doubt be an epic iPPV on July 21. Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the ring. Tune in to the Southwest's premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next. Watch professional wrestling like it's supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD at GFL.tv as IZW continues to change the wrestling world! Order now!


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