IZW 6-16-12 Review


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IZW delivered another night of exciting pro wrestling on GFL.tv as the Southwest promotion's blue chip, all-star roster was hitting on all cylinders as the fans in the Impact Arena and watching worldwide via the Internet or on television via the ROKU box witnessed a great two hours of action including the crowning of new champions!



In the main event, it was Big Business (Kevin Morgan and Damon Windsor) defeating the Old School Suckas (Gary Tool and Randy Price) to become the new IZW Tag Team Champions and in doing so giving Brandon Bishop's Impact Inc. a clean sweep of all of the titles in IZW! It was a hard hitting affair, with each team doing damage to one another but in the end Big Business prevailed after setting things in motion a week earlier. The Old School Suckas looked to be in charge late in the match with both Tool and Price standing on the ropes while delivering a series of overhand rights to a dazed and confused Morgan and Windsor who were helplessly pinned in the corners absorbing the strikes at full capacity. Then Price appeared to have a convulsion and fell from the ropes as it appeared he was having a seizure (no doubt due to the ambush and chair shot he received last week from Bishop's Impact Inc. while he was alone in the locker room changing, which can be viewed exclusively at After the Impact).


Price lay on the mat motionless and from there, Windsor hit Tool with a Big Boot that sent Tool flying out of the ring and Windsor and Morgan finished off Price with a double chokeslam who was still the legal man in the ring. With the victory by Big Business, Brandon Bishop's Impact Inc. now controls every belt in IZW. This can't be good for The Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc., or anyone else in the IZW locker room as Bishop's Impact Inc. has a stranglehold on IZW and have proven time and time again that you don't have to like them, but you have to respect them. Because right now, they are the best thing going in professional wrestling today!


In other action, IZW Heavyweight Champion continued his reign of dominance by defeating The Midnite Rider handily. But before the match is was announced that next week Neil will have to compete in a Triple Threat Match against Jermaine Johnson and Double D with the Heavyweight Title at stake! This will be Neil's first legitimate challenge since recapturing the World Title back in March at "March Mayhem".


There were plenty of other great matches on the card, so tune in and watch them all.


You don't want to miss this episode of IZW TV. With "Evolution" and the Impact Chamber looming, July 21 can't come fast enough. Bishop's Impact Inc. looks unstoppable and they continue to get stronger as each week passed. Tune in to the Southwest's premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen every Saturday leading to the most anticipated summer iPPV of the year. Watch professional wrestling like it's supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD at GFL.tv as IZW continues to change the wrestling world!


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