IZW 6-23-12 Review


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IZW delivered another night of exciting pro wrestling on GFL.tv as the Southwest promotion’s blue chip, all-star roster was hitting on all cylinders as the fans in the Impact Arena and watching worldwide via the Internet or on television via the ROKU box witnessed a great two hours of action including a great world title Triple Threat Match that ended in controversy and only fanned the flames for “Evolution” on July 21.



In the main event, IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil held onto his World Title when his Triple Threat Match against Jermaine Johnson and Double D ended in a no contest. At times Johnson and Double D worked together to soften up the champ in what resembled a handicap match, but “The Bronze Bull” had help too in the form of outside interference by IZW Commissioner and leader of his version of Impact Inc., Brandon Bishop. Near the end of the bout, when it looked like Johnson and D were about to both launch themselves from the top rope onto Neil, Bishop interfered one time too many, and got a Double D knee in the face for his trouble, no doubt rattling a tooth or two loose. Neil then got an inverted atomic drop right in the sweet spot by Johnson while D took out one of the champ’s knees. After more double teaming by Johnson and Double D, Neil was a broken and defeated man as he lay outside the ring. Neil got a king’s welcome back into the squared circle as Johnson and D executed a perfect double suplex that showed off their power and strength. All that was needed was the pinfall. But instead Johnson grabbed a steel chair and delivered a spine busting shot to Neil’s back. A payback of sorts for when Neil gave Johnson 13 chair shots on his way to winning the title for a record sixth time back at “March Mayhem” (available at GFL.tv). Double D followed Johnson’s chair shot up with one of his own sending Neil to his knees once again. Johnson wanted more and got his own chair and as Double D and Johnson sized up Neil to give him a con-chair-to, Neil ducked out of the ring at the last moment. Neil got the hell out of Dodge and left the Impact Arena finding a tricky way to skirt the rules and making it impossible to be pinned or lose by submission to either Johnson or Double D. The plot thickens as more twists and turns come down the pike gearing up for “Evolution” and the Impact Chamber which will change the fortunes of everybody in Impact Zone Wrestling.



In other action, newcomer Angel Blue defeated Venus proving that the IZW Women’s division is as volatile as any division in pro wrestling and stacked from top to bottom. Blue has made quite an impact in IZW since her arrival and by taking out Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc.’s one and only Queen, Blue has shown there might be room at the top, along with Erica, for another Lady of Impact.



There were plenty of other great matches on the card, including IZW Impact Division Champion Jordan “Lights Out” Jacob defending his title. And Damien Morte making his return to IZW and throttling his one-time tag partner Rage Logan. It looks like Nemesis is broken up for good. Also see firsthand the brutality of Johnny Z as he takes on Kevin Morgan!



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