IZW 6-2-12 Review


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IZW delivered another night of exciting pro wrestling for free on GFL.tv as the Southwest promotion’s blue chip, all-star roster was locked and loaded and gave the fans in the Impact Arena and watching worldwide via the Internet, a great two hours of action in the squared circle.



In the main event, the IZW Tag Team Titles were on the line as the Old School Suckas (Gary Tool and Randy Price) took on Impact Inc.’s own Big Business (Damon Windsor and Kevin Morgan). This was truly a brutal match as Big Business dished out tons of punishment while the Suckas showed overwhelming grit and determination to withstand the onslaught. For most of the bout, the Suckas were tossed and thrown from pillar to post absorbing punches, kicks and slams. But in the final moments, the Suckas showed what they were made of as they withheld the tide that was against them for most of the match and came out with a win. The comeback started when Price who was positioned on the top rope to take more punishment from Big Business, turned the tables and landed a perfect, twisting, aerial attack that kicked Morgan square in the jaw. Tool and Windsor were both tagged in and Tool proceeded to clean house, even landing a modified suplex on Windsor. Windsor grabbed the title belt to smash Tool’s head in, but Tool sidestepped the move and instead, Windsor almost clobbered manager Shawn McHale. The split second timing allowed Tool to roll up Windsor for the pinfall as the Old School Suckas retained their titles against the deadliest threat in the tag team division. The Tag Team Titles remain the only elusive titles in IZW that Impact Inc. does not control as IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil and Impact Division Champion Jordan “Lights Out” Jacobs have an ironclad lock on those championships.



In other action, Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs retained his belt against Double D after getting disqualified because of hitting the referee. Double D defeated Jacobs at “Coronation” for the Impact Player of the Year in an epic Ladder Match, but unfortunately for Double D and his fans, the title was not at stake. The pacing of this match started out strong as both men were bouncing around and doing serious damage to one another. Double D gained the upper hand in the final moments of the match when Jacobs resorted to grabbing a steel chair almost looking to get himself disqualified. The referee wasn’t having any of those types of shenanigans in the ring and immediately took the chair from Jacobs but this only seemed to kick the hornets’ nest that is Jordan Jacobs as he focused his frustration on the ref by attacking him and getting disqualified, but still retaining his title.



Jermaine Johnson defeated Rage Logan with an ES2 after Logan tried one of his patented, high risk, aerial assaults as Logan went for a moonsault from the top rope but missed as Johnson moved at the last second. From there, Johnson was able to recover faster than Logan and landed his finisher and got the 1-2-3. This was a great match and a highlight on the card.



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