IZW 6-30-12 Review


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The war continued to wage for the heart and soul of IZW as two fighting factions struggled for supremacy as Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc. battled the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. in the run up to “Evolution” on July 21 where the score will be settled once and for all. The main event cut another notch in the belt of the ongoing feud for dominance in this continuing conflict that is ripping IZW apart by the seams.



In the main event, in a six man tag match, IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil and IZW Tag Team Champions Big Business (Kevin Morgan and Damon Windsor) defeated Johnny Z, Double D and Jermaine Johnson after a heated match that saw the action end up outside of the ring in a free-for-all. Earlier in the bout, Double D cleared house by landing razor sharp knees to the faces of Bishop’s Impact Inc. But Big Business countered by laying D out with a clothesline and then knocking Johnny Z off the apron down to the floor. Jermaine Johnson attacked Winsor, leaving Morgan alone in the ring with Double D. As action roared outside of the ring, Double D used his quickness inside to offset Morgan’s strength advantage and landed a perfect Enziguri kick that had Morgan momentarily on dream street. Double D went to the top rope to finish the bout in style, but the cowardly Neil grabbed Erica who was standing outside of the ring. Erica let out a scream that momentarily distracted Double D and that was all Big Business needed as they dumped D to the mat and gave him a double chokeslam almost breaking his spine in half. Morgan made the cover and Bishop’s Impact Inc. came away with a hard fought victory.



In other action, “Greatness” Rage Logan defeated Bryan Cruize after O’Malley cracked Cruize in the head with a chair and Logan was there to drop Cruize down to the mat for the 1-2-3. Cruize will get an opportunity for revenge at “Evolution” where he will face O’Malley in a brass knuckles-ladder match! Although Logan got the victory, he will have his hands full at “Evolution” when he faces former tag team partner Damien Morte in a Falls Count Anywhere bout. These two wrestlers once formed the most promising tag team in IZW, but now they are ready to rip each other’s heads off.



Can IZW get any crazier? With three weeks until “Evolution”, the most anticipated iPPV of the summer, and every wrestler going for broke, nothing in IZW is a sure thing. Momentum can change in an instant and it did at this event. After last week and the shellacking Neil took in his Triple Threat Match, he bounced back with the single most important tide-turning action of the evening when he assaulted Erica and changed the flow and eventual outcome of the main event. Now Bishop’s Impact Inc. is back in the driver’s seat and there’s not a lot of time for Johnny Z and his Impact Inc. to turn the tide. But they are going to try their damndest, so make sure you tune in every Saturday leading up to “Evolution” on July 21!



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