IZW 6-9-12 Review


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IZW delivered another night of exciting pro wrestling for free on GFL.tv as the Southwest promotion’s blue chip, all-star roster was hitting on all cylinders as the fans in the Impact Arena and watching worldwide via the Internet witnessed a great two hours of action and drama unfold in the squared circle.



To start the show, Brandon Bishop, flanked by Impact Inc., made his huge announcement that he has been hinting at for weeks. This was Bishop’s first appearance since he wrestled in a tag match with Aaron Neil losing to Johnny Z and Jermaine Johnson at “Coronation”, IZW’s most recent iPPV. Bishop exclaimed that he was STILL in charge of IZW and there was nothing Johnny Z or anyone else could do about it because he had the numbers in his favor. Bishop made a good point as he has assembled a murderers’ row with his version of Impact Inc. and it will be tough for any faction to stand up against this stable let alone a single individual. But that didn’t matter to Johnny Z as he came out to confront Bishop and Impact Inc.



Johnny Z, not happy with Bishop’s “huge” announcement, had a couple of announcements of his own. But first, Johnny Z ripped into Bishop and taught him about the storied history of what it means to be associated with the title Impact Inc. After 8 historic years it means having honor, respect, prestige, pizzazz and mystique, something Johnny Z said Bishop and his group would never have.



After Z was finished, he introduced the “Johnny Z approved” Impact Inc. which along with Z includes, Jermaine Johnson, Double D, Erica, and the IZW Tag Team Champions the Old School Suckas (Gary Tool and Randy Price)! Z’s second huge announcement was that at “Evolution” on July 21, the Impact Chamber will be back as 10 feet of steel, totaling two tons, will be wrapped around all four side of the ring and he challenged Bishop and his stable to a match inside the Impact Chamber. Bishop accepted and at “Evolution” it will be the Johnny Z Approved Impact Inc. versus Bishop’s Impact Inc. The winner will get to continue calling themselves Impact Inc., while the loser will have that name ripped from them forever. Something neither Bishop nor especially Johnny Z wants to see happen.



In the main event, Double D and Erica defeated IZW World Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil and Venus in a Mixed Tag Team Match after Erica executed a perfect tornado DDT (with the help of Double D), smashing Venus’ head into the canvas for the pinfall. The move was set up by a cross body from the top rope Erica landed on Venus moments before. After the pinfall, Neil and Bishop assaulted Double D and Erica, with Neil throwing Erica down to the mat and Bishop whipping Double D with his sandals. That wasn’t enough for Impact Inc. as Big Business (Damon Windsor and Kevin Morgan) along with Jordan Jacobs scurried down to the ring to assault Double D as Erica was forced to watch the carnage and destruction that ensued to Double D. When almost all was loss, Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson and the Old School Suckas (Gary Tool and Randy Price) rushed to the ring and ran off Impact Inc.



With over a month left until “Evolution” this feud between Johnny Z’s Impact Inc. and Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc. is just getting started. Tune in every Saturday leading up to July 21 to see what twists and turns happen as this feud unfolds. Tune in to the Southwest's premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next. Watch professional wrestling like it's supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD at GFL.tv as IZW continues to change the wrestling world!


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