IZW Makes History at the Danny Hodge Invitational





A new day has come for Impact Zone Wrestling. After seven years of presenting the best professional wrestling in the area, IZW is now going worldwide. This Saturday, Sept. 17th, IZW presents its first internet Pay-Per-View, the Danny Hodge Invitational.


 Four tag teams are now involved in the actuall Invitational Tournament, where the winner will be presented with a trophy and $1,000 from the Oklahoma Legend, Danny Hodge. The four tag teams involved in the semi-finals have all had to earn their spot in the Tournament. “The Vulture” Kenny Campbell and Dustin Heritage defeated Soto Miyagi and the Midnite Rider for their spot, while Aerial Assault (Ky-ote Joe and Montego Seeka) defeated the “Awesome One” Kevin Morgan and Wage. This will also be Ky-ote Joe’s return since being injured in that match. Current Tag Team Champions the Old School Suckas (Bernie D and Coach Gary Tool) defeated “Mr. Money” Randy Price and IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson. The Future Hall of Famers (Bad Brad Michaels and John O’Malley) were the only team in the Tournament to be allowed a bye after Nemesis had to pull out due to injury. What teams will advance to the finals of the Tournament that the event is named for? Which team will stand in victory at the end of the evening? How will this event affect the IZW tag team landscape?


 In the newest match of their longstanding rivalry, Erica will once again be facing Starr. What will be the outcome of the latest chapter in this feud? A truly brutal match will also be taking place as the “Widowmaker” Angel Williams takes on Wage in a Dog Collar Chain match. Wage got himself intentionally disqualified at Redemption by using the chain, but there will be no way out in this match. There will be no mercy displayed as these men will come ready to tear the other apart. Who will be standing at the end of this war?


 And in the main event of the evening, an epic eight man tag team match will take place. It will be Team Johnny Z vs. Impact, Inc. in what is sure to be a match that will be an important moment in IZW’s history. Team Johnny Z has been revealed one by one, and now contains Johnny Z’s unlikely allies in Double D and the “Real Deal” Aaron Neil. But there is now a new, fascinating piece that has been added to the alliance. That piece is Brent Albright’s return to professional wrestling after a two year absence. Albright has competed all over the world, including for the WWE. He has competed in Ring of Honor and is a former NWA Heavyweight Champion. But he has not competed in a wrestling ring since 2009…and all eyes will be on this match as this worldwide superstar makes his return to the sport at this event. Now, the match will feature the leader of Impact, Inc., Jeff Wolfenbarger as he leads his team of IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson, “Mr. Money” Randy Price and “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry as they face Johnny Z’s team of Double D, the “Real Deal” Aaron Neil and Brent Albright. What will happen in this massive main event?


 Tune into GFL.tv (GoFightLive.tv) or be a part of the show live in Lawton, Oklahoma. IZW will make history at the monumental Danny Hodge Invitational. Don’t miss out on being a part of that history.




-Jonathan B. Scott



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