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The March 10 edition of IZW TV on GFL.tv was instrumental in filling out the remainder of the card for the March 17 iPPV “March Mayhem”. More fuel was thrown on the fire of all the feuds and things reached a frenzy for the main event.



To open the show, Erica came to the ring and voiced her disdain for the up and coming Kyra Maya. This prompted Maya to come down to the ring to confront Erica. Maya is intent on becoming the “New Lady of IZW” and was ready to prove it to Erica right then and there. Erica was all in, and the two females were about to have an impromptu match. Shawn McHale and IZW Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs put a stop to the action in the ring when McHale reminded Erica that he called the shots in IZW in the absence of Commissioner Bishop. This prompted Double D to jump in the ring and get nose to nose with McHale and Jacobs. McHale made a mixed tag team match with Double D and Erica versus Jordan Jacobs and Kyra Maya for later in the evening.



Kevin “The Image of War” Morgan defeated newcomer Tyson James in a squash match. Morgan slammed and bludgeoned James until finally delivering a choke slam that made James’ brain turn out the lights as his body went limp. This is now 26 weeks Morgan has not suffered a loss and it doesn’t look like the streak is going to end anytime soon.



Rage Logan took on Randy Price next. It was a very even ground-based match with each man going hold for hold with one another. Price kept Logan on the mat for long periods with solid positioning and wrestling, but Logan was finally able to reverse Price and leverage him in to a leg scissors that he held for some time, sapping the strength and momentum out of Price. The two grapplers made it to their feet where Logan still had the upper hand by getting Price in an arm ringer, but Price fought back and was able to break the hold. Price once again gained the momentum but after both men came off the ropes, Price was tripped up by Damien Morte which began a series of moves that ultimately lead to Rage Logan getting the pinfall. Price shook off Morte’s interference and managed to get to the top rope to attack Logan, but Morte recovered and held onto Price’s leg, giving Logan time to hit Price with a kick to the head followed up by a top rope corkscrew neckbreaker which put Price’s lights out.



The mixed tag team match was next as Double D and Erica defeated Jordan Jacobs and Kyra Maya in a fast paced match. Maya showed that when it comes to the women in IZW she has no physical peer as she was able to overpower Erica in the early going. After Maya was done, Jacobs began to work over Erica in the ring and giving her a beating that had to be eating up Double D on the inside. Maya then was tagged in again and crushed her body weight down on Erica’s spine all but disabling the Lady of IZW. But with fan support Erica was finally able to make the tag to Double D and he lit into Jacobs bouncing the Impact Division Champion from pillar to post. The women ended up back in the ring shortly after and this time Erica used her speed and high flying to chop Maya down. Erica landed a double knee to the chest of Maya and followed that up with a flying elbow from the second rope to finally drop Maya. Erica made the tag back to Double D as did Maya to Jacobs and Double D landed a springboard from the top rope followed by several clotheslines and nearly decapitated Jacobs. Double D didn’t stop there as he landed 10 straight knees to Jacobs and then tagged Erica as they executed a perfect double team tornado that send Jacobs’ skull crashing to the mat. Erica then covered up Jacob’s carcass and got the 1-2-3.



Gary Tool versus Damien Morte was up next and Morte won with a rollup pin after some outside interference by Rage Logan. Earlier in the match, Morte worked over Tool’s arm including securing a tight armbar but to Tool’s credit, he was able to fight out of the submission hold, by dropping Morte on his head via a modified power bomb, and continue the match. But Morte continued to go after Tool’s arm and when Logan slid Morte the championship belt, Morte crashed the unbreakable medal against Tool’s head sending the veteran down to the mat for good. This feud will culminate in a rematch at “March Mayhem” as Champions Nemesis will defend their Tag Team Title against The Old School Suckas.



Part 2 of “The Past, Present and Future of Johnny Z” was up next and it was another brilliant piece put together by the world class IZW production team. This week’s package covered the present. Johnny Z covered his knee injury which has kept him out of action since December 2011 and fans got to see parts of the actual knee surgery that has put him on the shelf; the first time in his 10 year career in fact. Johnny Z’s rehab is going on schedule and he promised to come back stronger than ever upon his eventual return. He let the rest of the IZW wrestlers know that when he does return, he’s ready to settle things the old school way if anyone wants to test him.



Aaron Neil and Jermaine Johnson had their final face to face confrontation before they square off for the most coveted prize in IZW and the Mid-South territory, the IZW World Heavyweight Championship. Neil promised to become the 6-time Champion after “March Mayhem” and you could tell the challenger was a man on a mission. Johnson rebutted Neil by telling him the fans would be chanting “We got this” referring to Johnson defending his title. Both men parted ways as Jermaine Johnson went up in the announcers’ booth to call the main event with D.A.



In the main event, in a battle of two athletic big men, Aaron Neil took on Damon Windsor. Windsor took it to Neil in the beginning by choking him in the corner and smashing Neil’s head in to the turnbuckle. Windsor followed it up with some stiff shots to Neil’s jaw and had “The Real Deal” on the ropes. Neil responded like a 5-time IZW Heavyweight Champion and turned the tables on Windsor, delivering his own brand of whoop ass. Neil shot Windsor in to the corner and hit him with a series of clotheslines that sent Windsor’s neck back like a bobble head. Windsor took time out of the ring to compose himself and did just that as once he got back in to the ring he reversed Neil’s momentum by landing a big boot to Neil’s face, dropping him like a ton of bricks. Windsor was in complete control as he even stepped on the neck of Neil’s trying to crush his throat. Neil tried to counter a body slam, but Windsor countered Neil’s counter and landed a version of a reverse DDT. Neil continued to fight back, managing to get back to his feet and delivered a spinebuster to Windsor which took some of the steam out of Windsor’s sail. After accidently colliding with the referee in the corner, Windsor was momentarily stunned and this enabled Neil to land a three punch combination as he looked to setup his finisher, the Real Drill. Nemesis came down to the ring to attack Neil but Logan got a right hand for his troubles. But Morte connected by spitting red mist in Neil’s eyes and disorienting him. This prompted Johnson to come down to the ring and level both Logan and Morte but the extra time allowed Windsor to bring a chair in to the ring. Johnson ripped the chair from Windsor’s hands and smashed him over the head with it, but the referee saw all of it and called a halt to the match, giving Windsor the win via DQ. A still blind Aaron Neil then grabbed Johnson and delivered a Real Drill to the IZW Heavyweight Champion.



Then all hell broke loose as Randy Price, Gary Tool, Jordan Jacobs, and Double D flooded the ring as absolute chaos ensued with each man or team pairing off with their opponent at “March Mayhem” until only Johnson and Neil were left in the ring. Johnson got the upper hand as he gave Neil the Energy Shot 2 as IZW TV went off the air!


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