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IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson came out to the ring to start the March 3 broadcast and espoused the virtues of the IZW Title and let the audience know he was ready to prove he was the rightful champion one more time against Aaron Neil at March Mayhem on March 17. IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop then came down to the ring and after a long-winded speech by the Commish came to the conclusion that he, Bishop, deserved credit for Johnson’s win at Violent Valentine in which Johnson re-captured IZW gold. This didn’t sit well with the Champ and he challenged Bishop right then and there to “put ‘em up”. Bishop said he was ready to fight Johnson…and then booked a match where Johnson would face Damon Windsor.



Johnson versus Windsor started off fast as the challenger was hitting on all cylinders and Johnson was on the ropes, but then Johnson reversed the momentum hitting Windsor with a crushing blow to the head followed by a body slam. Johnson looked like he was preparing for the match ending pinfall but was bum-rushed by Eric Rose and Jordan Jacobs causing an immediate disqualification. Commissioner Bishop was right there giving his approval to the beatdown and it wasn’t until Aaron Neil and Double D came to Johnson’s defense that the punishment stopped. Bishop then made a match for later in the night as the main event, a 6-man tag match, with Rose, Windsor and Jacobs versus Johnson, Neil and Double D.



Next up was a high impact affair between Randy Price and Damien Morte a rematch of last week where Price was victorious. Morte turned the tables in this match picking up the victory after a great display of scientific wrestling mixed with brawling on the outside of the ring. The end came when Price was ready to give Morte a Piledriver 1-2-3, but Morte was able to give Price TWO low blows crippling the former Tag Team Champion. From there, Morte landed a variation of a neckbreaker and the ref scored the pinfall for Morte. What is interesting about this match is Morte did not need the help of tag team partner Rage Logan to pick up the victory. This stops the momentum, for the moment at least, of Randy Price who has been on a terrific role since late 2011.



The next bout was between Kevin Morgan and Soto Miyagi. Morgan has left a wake of bodies in his path for weeks now and tonight it was Miyagi’s turn. After taking a painful powerbomb that could have ended the match, Morgan did not follow it up with a pinfall. Instead he pulled Miyagi’s shoulders off the match and let the punishment continue. Morgan then finished the match with his patented choke slam sending Miyagi’s bodies into the fetal position.



Up next was the other half of the Tag Team Champions competing in singles action, as Rage Logan took on rising prospect Cody Jones. Jones has the “it” factor as the fans rallied to his side from the get go. But Logan doesn’t care about fan approval and him and Jones proceeded to put on a grappling clinic. This bout had chain wrestling, vicious chops (delivered by Logan), bone rattling kicks which both wrestlers went back and forth with. Jones landed a DDT off the second rope and looked to have the match won when Damien Morte distracted the ref long enough for Logan to regain his composure and crotch Jones on the top rope setting up his corkscrew neckbreaker which was the final nail in the coffin for Jones this night. It was a great match and all wrestling aficionados should tune in to watch it if you have not already seen it.



The women were next as Miss Diss Lexia took on Starr accompanied by IZW Wrestler. With Kyra Maya’s turn last week on Starr, it’s a total free fall for the women in IZW. Starr looked to have the match won with a clothesline that almost took Miss Diss Lexia’s head off, but unfortunately for Starr, IZW Wrestler caught the ire of the referee which enabled Miss Diss Lexia time to go for a schoolboy cover and get the victory.



In a great behind the scenes video package that has been promoted for weeks, we got a closer look at the founder and owner of IZW in part 1 of “The Past, Present and Future of Johnny Z”. Part 1 detailed the rich past of “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z and was a great historical piece for anyone new to IZW. Accompanied by some great, hard to find video footage, Z covered breaking into the business, founding IZW and the friendships and rivalries including his thoughts on new IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop. Next week is part 2 of this insightful package.



In the main event in a 6-man tag team match that brought the Impact Zone to a fevered pitch, Eric Rose, Damon Windsor and Jordan Jacobs defeated Jermaine Johnson, Aaron Neil and Double D in a barnburner. The six men punched, kicked, clawed and scraped their way through a high paced 25-minute match. These six wrestlers are some of the premier grapplers you can find anywhere on TV or online and it was a treat to watch all of them compete. The end came when all hell broke loose and there were several fights going on simultaneously inside of the ring. The referee could not keep his attention on everything that was happening and the team of Rose, Windsor and Jacobs used that to their advantage. The finish came when Double D had Rose pinned against the corner and was unloading on him with a series of knees. Rose was out on his feet, but Jacobs came up behind Double D and landed a perfectly placed Anaikolra Kick that leveled D. Jacobs tried to do the same thing to Jermaine Johnson, but the crafty champ side-stepped the attack and Jacobs’ kick found its mark on Windsor. Johnson then threw Jacobs from the ring. Windsor got a second wind and was able to leverage Johnson up into a Tombstone and smashed the Heavyweight Champion down on his skull and earned the pinfall. After the bout, Neil cleared house but the damage was already done.



Tune in next week to see what happens as IZW continues to push the envelope and set new highs with its weekly, free show on GFL.tv.


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