IZW Sudden Impact May 17th Review

  Words can barely do justice to this night of epic action and drama. Tables, ladders and bodies were broken. New champions were crowned. And expectations were shattered in a main event the IZW World will never forget.



  Sudden Impact wasted no time in jumping into the action as the first match of the night was the 20 Minute Impact Scramble match for Randy Price’s Impact Division Championship. Price would put his title on the line against 3 other men in the form of Drake Gallows, Angel Camacho and one-half of the KC Wolves, Luke Langley.  As expected, the match immediately erupted into chaos with all four men going at it. Camacho and Price each got dumped to the outside which left Langley and Gallows to each vault over the top rope to the floor onto their opponents. All four battled on the outside, throwing each other into the ring apron, guardrails and even the ringside retaining wall. Langley and Gallows fought inside the ring and each man made their way to the top rope ending up in a power struggle which neither man won as Camacho crotched Langley on the top rope and Randy Price shoved Gallows off the top rope and sent him crashing into a table at ringside. As Price and Camacho quickly threw their “alliance” out the window and attempted to pin one another, Langley made his way back in the ring and capitalized on a prone Camacho to score the first pinfall. Langley couldn’t rest just yet though as, per the rules of the scramble, he had to make sure no one else scored a victory in the remaining time to become champion. Knowing this, Price quickly ejected Langley from the ring and went up top and connected on Camacho with the Splash from the Past. Referee George Knight could only get to the count of two before Gallows came crashing down with his Bangarang Moonsault. But as he went for the pin he was drilled with a Mushroom Stomp from Langley. Langley’s instincts kicked in as he went for another pinfall on Camacho but he was already the interim champion. Price seized the opportunity and hurled Langley from the ring and scored a pin on the beaten down Camacho as well to make him the interim title holder but Price had a long way to go as he still had the better part of ten minutes to go before the conclusion of the match. As the action continued, Gallows fought back to his feet and leveled Price and struck Camacho with an eerie looking tied-off burlap sack. The contents of the bag wouldn’t stay a mystery mush longer though, as he would then untie the back and litter the ring with thousands of metal thumbtacks! Camacho immediately did his best to stop Gallows from utilizing the tacks and took him up to the top rope where Camacho looked to deliver a superplex. Luke Langley had other ideas and kicked Camacho off the ropes and he fell directly into the tacks. The tacks pierced not only the back of Camacho but several got stuck directly into the back of his head. Camacho would repay the favor though as Gallows and Price to superplex Langley into the tacks, Camacho powerbombed all 3 competitors in to the shiny mass of skin-piercing metal below. A series of pinfalls between all the worn-out competitors would leave Camacho as the current Impact Division Champion with just five minutes remaining. The final five minutes would see Price and Gallows each become the interim champion and then work together to put Camacho through a table. Gallows got rid of Price and Countered an attack by Langley and hit him with the Emo-Killer. In the exhaustion and chaos of the match Gallows, who was already interim champion, went for another pin on Langley but with mere seconds left Price drilled Gallows in the head with the Impact Division Championship belt and as the clock ticked down he scored a pin on Gallows just before the 20 minute time expired. This was the most intense and impressive Impact Division Championship defense of Randy Price’s career and maybe in the history of IZW.



  Next up we had the heated personal rivalry between The Brothers Righteous and CopyCat & Damon Windsor. This all started when Windsor and IZW ring announcer AnnaLynn Storm started to get a little too friendly for her father, Striker’s liking. Since then, Striker and O’Malley have been on a tirade, saying that people like Windsor & CopyCat are what is wrong with the world today. These two teams had a lot to prove going into this match as they were fighting not only for a win but also for their beliefs. Each of the Brothers Righteous were quite certain of which member of their opposition they would face as O’Malley wanted nothing to do with CopyCat and Striker slipped away and tagged out at the first chance of Windsor getting into the match. Windsor instead would fend off an attack from O’Malley and deliver his patented back elbow/ forearm combination before tagging out to CopyCat. Again, though, O’Malley was able to escape and tagged out, not wanting CopyCat to be able to exact his revenge from the beating he received. Copy was able to get on offense with Striker quickly but was caught with a kick from the outside from O’Malley which allowed Striker to take control. The Brothers Righteous would take turns isolating and dissecting CopyCat, always being sure to keep him far away from his partner. They even went as far as to knock Windsor off the apron when Copy got close to tagging to prevent Windsor from re-entering the match. But even after repeated punishment, they couldn’t keep “The Forgotten Champion” down. As O’Malley shot Copy into the turnbuckle, Copy blasted out with a burst of adrenaline and knocked the behemoth off his feet and finally made the tag. Windsor unloaded with right hands on both Brothers Righteous and hit Striker with the Big Time Slam. CopyCat made it to his feet and hit O’Malley with the Doppelganger sending him out of the ring to the floor. Striker snuck in a shot below the belt on Windsor while the ref was distracted and pulled out the infamous brass knuckles. He went to take Copy’s head off but Copy ducked and hit a Doppelganger on him as well which sent the knucks flying and Striker stumbling into a Chokeslam from Windsor who pinned Striker for the win. Afterward Windsor picked up the knucks and looked like he was going to nail Striker with them but he saw a better way to get back at Striker and planted a big kiss on the lips of Anna Lynn Storm.



  The night continued with a very special Sudden Impact edition of the Lights Out Lounge.  Jordan barely got a word out before his opponent for the night Graham Bell came through the curtain and started laying into him and just like that the finals of the 2014 Impact Player of the Year Tournament were underway. Jacobs did his best to retreat to ringside but Bell gave chase and beat Jacobs all around the ring. Jordan tried to introduce a ladder but it was used against him, however he was able to avoid an attack from Bell and drive him from the ring apron onto the ladder on the outside back first. Jacobs brought a much larger ladder into the ring and set it up in the corner, Jacobs attempted to deliver a facebuster on Bell into the ladder but Bell fought out and drove a knee into Jacobs’ back driving him face first into the ladder. The two fought around to the other side of the ring where Jacobs was able to place the ladder between the ropes and ascend the top rope and in a bit of a spiteful move delivered a double stomp onto Bell while he was laying on the ladder. The stomp not only did physical damage but Jacobs was sending a message using one of the signature maneuvers of Bell’s partner Luke Langley. Both men tried to reach the Impact Player of the Year trophy but were unsuccessful. Jacobs put Bell to the outside and tried to scurry up the ladder but as he was within reach of the trophy Bell leapt from the top rope and dropkicked the ladder out from underneath him, sending Jacobs to the unforgiving canvas below. They battled to the outside of the ring once again where Bell was able to position himself underneath Jacobs and powerbomb into the ring which he followed up with a huge diving swanton bomb from the top rope. That move got him into the finals and it looked as if he would use it to win the whole tournament but in a last gasp of energy Jacobs caught up with Bell as he reached the top of the ladder. Both men struggled to be the first to unhook  the trophy and in the struggle the ladder started to tip and both men were left stranded, dangling from the steel cable that held the trophy high above the ring. The two men fought high in the air before Jacobs’ arms gave out and fell, leaving Graham Bell to retrieve the trophy and become the 2014 Impact Player of the Year. Bell now has the opportunity to chose a shot at any title he wants in IZW. It will surely interesting to see if he goes after a singles title or if he chooses to pursue the tag team titles that have eluded the KC Wolves for so long now.



  Speaking of the IZW Tag Team Championships, the next match would see IZW Tag Team Champions Team Bull taking on not only Vinnie and Roberto Camacho but also, thanks to Madame Commissioner Erica, their cousin Angel would also be in this match, making it a 3-on-2 handicap tag team match. Angel was unsuccessful in his attempt at becoming Impact Division Champion earlier in the night and looked determined to make sure the Sexy Camachos didn’t leave without at least some gold. Angel would start out with the Bronze Bull in this championship contest. Bronze Bull went behind Angel and raked his fingernails down the back of Camacho, clawing at the tender holes still left from when Camacho went into the pile of tacks earlier in the night. Angel quickly scrambled to the corner and tagged in “Freshly Hot & Heavy” Roberto Camacho. Bronze Bull took control and backed Roberto into Team Bull’s corner. Bull reared back to deliver a knife-edge chop but instead grabbed tightly a death lock on the Roberto’s nipples! Bronze Bull and IZW Wrestler then spent the next few minutes taking turns giving Roberto what the IZW World in attendance referred to as a “Purple Nurple”.  Finally Team Bull threw Roberto across the ring and he would tag out to the youngest Camacho in Vinnie. Vinnie didn’t appreciate Team Bull’s treatment of his “familia” and the smallest Camacho got right into the face of the Bronze Bull but he got some of the same as Bull snatched him by the nipples as well and sent him back where he came from. Tired of the disrespect shown to them,  Angel came in and took control on IZW Wrestler. He quickly isolated Starr and, in making quick tags to the other Camachos, gave his team the advantage that the handicap situation allows. Bobby fought back and ducked a clothesline from Roberto but got caught with a big belly to belly suplex that snuffed the Brass Bull’s momentum. Starr connected with a flying headbutt that took Roberto off his feet and gave Starr the chance to get over to his corner but as he did Vinnie Camacho, utilizing the numbers advantage, jumped down and pulled Bronze Bull from the apron, ensuring that Starr couldn’t make the tag. With the ref distracted with Vinnie and Bronze Bull on the outside, Angel and Roberto seized the opportunity and each slammed into Starr, crushing him between their massive bodies. Roberto made the cover and three seconds later IZW had new tag team champions! Despite the numbers advantage, this was a still a shock and has to be considered a massive upset. Who knows what the future holds for the tag team division now that all three Sexy Camachos have the tag team titles.



  The #1 Shawn McHale took the ring next with a bombshell announcement! After Sudden Impact IZW will be “taking the show on the road” and doing live road shows in addition to the IZW Adrenaline tapings going bi-weekly. So as you’re reading this review be sure to check IZWrestling.com for announcements because IZW may just be coming to a city near you! He also announced that while IZW’s iPPV’s will be reduced to four (Sudden Impact, Redemption, Chaotic Christmas and Coronation) on July 26th we would STILL be seeing the return of The Impact Chamber, the 5-on-5 elimination-style steel cage match that has set the standard for IZW action for years. On top of all that, McHale had one more announcement, that the captain of his team in the Impact Chamber would be none other than the Captain of the Force, IZW Champion Double D.



  But before leading team #1 into the Impact Chamber Double D would have to face off against “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan. Morgan has been on a rampage since Double D defeated Johnny Z for the IZW Championship and blamed Double D for “The Natural Born Leader” subsequently disappearing. Morgan believes in his heart that if he can unseat Double D as IZW Champion, then Johnny Z will return and all will be right with Impact Elite once again. To say that Morgan has been hanging by a thread is a major understatement.



  Morgan’s attack in this match was apparent from the start. To punish the already-injured ribs of Double D. He drove D’s body down across his knee, taking D’s ability to breathe away from him. D rallied back from the initial attack and sent Morgan over the top rope to the floor and connected with a big kick to the head but when he went to dive onto Morgan he was caught and driven back and ribs first into the steel ring post. Morgan once again pin-pointed the ribs of the champion as he continued to punish D. D fought back and escaped Morgan’s onslaught but upon entering the ring, Morgan again took aim at the ribs, stretching Double D out and partially removing the therapeutic tape from D’s injured ribs.  But if there’s one thing that is always true of D, it is that he never gives up and this time was no different. D threw some well-placed kicks to get Morgan off his attack plan and then hit a head scissors and a swinging knee to Morgan’s face which stunned The Image of Fear. Double D saw his opportunity and leapt off the top rope with a flying crossbody but Morgan landed a big right hand right into D’s ribs on the way down. Everything D tried, Morgan seemed ready for, he continued to counter every rallied chance at offense D got. Time and again he showed his immense power, driving D down and further damaging D’s ribs. But regardless of the punishment D would not stay down. Morgan threw D 10 feet in the air and caught him for a powerslam but D shifted his weight and hit the De-Facer out of nowhere but Morgan kicked out within a hair of being pinned. Double D knew he had to go for something big if he was going to disorient Morgan long enough to connect with his Crossbody. D hit the ropes and swung around for the Tilt-a-Whirl DDT but Morgan blocked it and drove D down with a powerslam. Morgan could smell blood in the water and stood poised to deliver the Moment of Fear to finish off the champion and fulfill his goal of winning back the favor of the Natural Born Leader. As Morgan readied himself, familiar music rang out in the Impact Arena but this time it wasn’t Johnny Z’s music… it was the unmistakable music of The Convict! The “King of the Yard” was last seen at Coronation when he laid out both Double D and Johnny Z, effectively costing Z the IZW Championship. As Convict stood in the ring, motionless, Morgan quickly realized that Convict was not there as an ally and he laid into the man from the D.O.C. but Convict was unphased and snatched Morgan up and dropped him with a 15-to-20. It seemed as if Convict had once again come to ruin Impact Elite’s night. Until Double D made it to his feet and Convict gave him a 15-to-20 too! If that weren’t confusing enough, if that weren’t shocking enough, what would happen next may have been the most unexpected turn of events in IZW history. As Convict stood over the two fallen men, the video screen lit up with the black and green image of Johnny Z. And unlike the past two months, this would NOT be a hoax. The Impact Arena erupted at the sight of the Natural Born Leader. The IZW World knew they were in for the fight of a lifetime as Johnny Z had come back to get revenge on Convict for costing him the IZW Championship. But they couldn’t have been more wrong. After staring face to face with Convict, Z turned his gaze to Morgan. Morgan bowed at Z’s feet and Z motioned to Convict to help Morgan to his feet. As Morgan regained his footing, he could barely believe his eyes. His savior had returned. Z clutched Morgan’s head, looked at his most loyal follower and said “I’m back”.  Then Z kicked Morgan directly between the legs! Convict then hit another 15-to-20 on Morgan and Z turned his attention to Double D. Z brutally started beating D before drilling D and Morgan in the face with The IZW Championship Belt. Z refused to stop there, he grabbed a steel chair and repeatedly and mercilessly brutalized both already decimated men.  Z then grabbed the microphone and delivered some strange and cryptic words to Madame Commissioner Erica and said he was just getting started with Double D. Then he stood over the near-lifeless body of Kevin Morgan, looked down upon him and said “but as for you…You’re fired.”



  The very first Sudden Impact brought us the most inexplicable turn of events in IZW history. Everyone went in with one question of “Where’s John?”. We may have found out the answer to that question but the end of the night left us with many, MANY, more questions than answers.



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