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Impact Inc. was back up to its old tricks one week before “Coronation” as the May 5 free HD broadcast of IZW TV ended with Jermaine Johnson on the wrong side of a 4 on 1 butt kicking as IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil, Impact Division Champion “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs, Impact Inc.’s Enforcer Damon Windsor and mouthpiece Shawn McHale all laid waste to the former 2-time IZW Heavyweight Champion in the middle of the ring at the behest of Impact Inc.’s leader and IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop who gave a play-by-play of the destruction live via the Internet and also barked out instructions and cheered on the beatdown. It was a sad state of affairs as nobody in the IZW locker-room came out to help Johnson, which proves once again how much Impact Zone Wrestling needs Johnny Z to return to challenge the balance of power which is decidedly in the favor of Impact Inc. The only question is with such a one-sided curb stomping that Johnson endured, it’s anyone’s guess how recovered Johnson will be going into the tag team event with him and Z versus Bishop and Neil? But it certainly won’t be 100% which will once again tilt the scales in Impact Inc.’s favor for this all-important match.




The main event of the evening that preceded the Johnson thrashing was another easy win for the champ as Aaron Neil destroyed IZW Wrestler. In fact, Neil broke more of a sweat in the aftermath of the match where he leveled Johnson multiple times then in this charade of a match.



In other action, Bryan Cruize looked impressive as he defeated Jordan Jacobs albeit by disqualification. Cruize has a great mixture of power moves and athletic flying in his repertoire and is definitely a star on the rise in IZW. He poses matchup problems from everyone from the monster Kevin Morgan to the high flying Jordan Jacobs. Cruize looked to be in control and on his way to a clean victory when the aforementioned Morgan came down to the ring and landed several hard punches to Cruize’s head, setting up another showdown between the two giants at “Coronation”.



In other news, Rage Logan recruited Damon Windsor to be his tag team partner at “Coronation” to face the Old School Suckas (Randy Price and Gary Tool) for the IZW Tag Team Titles, as Damien Morte is out of action for the foreseeable future with an undisclosed career threatening injury. It will be interesting to see who has the advantage at “Coronation” as the team of Logan and Windsor will have a different dynamic than Logan and Morte shared. It might be too soon for Logan and Windsor to gel together as a team, especially going up against the famed Old School Suckas. It will definitely pose a problem for the OSS in game planning as Windsor brings another level of power and strength to the equation.



With less than a week left until “Coronation” on May 12 this IZW TV broadcast is a must see for any wrestling fan to get you primed for Saturday’s iPPV. And the best part of it all…it’s FREE. Tune in to GFL.tv to catch up on all the past episodes of IZW or to re-watch the instant classics.



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