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 This week’s edition of IZW TV on was the first show after Halloween Hangover which culminated with Double D retaining his World Championship in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal. Jermaine Johnson also retained his Impact Division Title in a 5 Way Scramble Match, but new World Tag Team Champions were crowned as The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize) defeated Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) and two

 other tag teams to claim the belts. This week’s show picked up right where Halloween Hangover left off as the champions were all center stage.


 In the main event of the evening, Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson defeated “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs in an Impact Rules Match. It was a back and forth brawl as both men fought inside and outside of the ring and all over the Impact Arena, including at the announcers’ booth, while implementing a series of athletic high risk moves using chairs, walls, tables and more to take each other out by any means necessary. One exception series included Johnson sitting on the top rope with Jacobs looking to send Johnson head first, via a hurricanrana, onto a waiting steel chair that was placed on the mat below. Johnson had other intentions though as he fought off Jacobs’ attack and threw him down on the waiting chair.


 In the move of the night, The Convict came down to the ring, just as Johnson had Jacobs secured on the top rope for a suplex onto two tables. The Convict had other plans as he power bombed Johnson through a table, as Johnson maintained control of Jacobs and still finished off the suplex through the other table. In essence, The Convict power bombed two people. Johnson and Jacobs were half dead after this. The Convict then moved the motionless Johnson on top of Jacobs for the pinfall. It was an odd move, as last week at Halloween Hangover, The Convict confronted Johnson after his successful title defense. It looks like The Convict has something to prove with Johnson and might be saving the Champ for his own purposes which might include a title shot.


 In great tag team action, The Old School Suckas defeated “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil and “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler with Venus, known as The Golden Trinity to retain their titles. Most of the action in the early going was Neil working over the OSS. Neil has carried around gold for most of 2012 and it looked like he was on his way, along with Starr, in capturing another title. Randy Price was on the wrong side of a two on one beat down as Neil softened Price up and then Starr went to work clubbing Price with right hands and trying to choke the fight out of the Champ. But Price fought back and would not allow his shoulders to be pinned as Cruize waited for the tag on the outside. That finally happened as Price was able to gut through the punishment and slap the hand of his partner. That’s when the tone of the match changed. Cruize unloaded a series of right hands and clotheslines that sent both Starr and Neil to the canvas. Cruize then hoisted up Starr and him and Price landed the Old School Sucka Driver for the pinfall as they retained their titles.


 In other news, some dissention is beginning to brew in Impact Elite as Madam Commissioner Erica made Venus crown her Queen of IZW after winning the Triple Threat Match at Halloween Hangover. It had to be a stab in the heart to Venus who was double crossed by Erica in the match a week earlier that gave Erica the title. Erica made sure she flexed her muscle as Venus was humiliated in the middle of the ring by also having to raise Erica’s hand. You have to wonder how long “The Golden Goddess” will put up with Erica and her ego.


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