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     This week's edition of IZW TV on was another can't miss for true pro wrestling fans. The IZW World Heavyweight Champion, Double D was in action as well as several other matches as all roads start to point towards Chaotic Christmas, IZW's last iPPV of 2012 on December 22.


       In the main event of the evening, Double D took on "The Brass Bull" IZW Wrestler. The usually amusing Starr was anything but, as he had his wrestling boots on and tore into the champion early and often landing several power moves including the seldom used head butt. It's clear that Starr takes his discipleship at the feet of "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil seriously as Starr looked hell bent on destroying Double D. At one point near the end of the match, Starr almost decapitated Double D with a clothesline from Mt Olympus as it put the champ down hard. But Double D fought back against the inspired Starr as he was able to plant a knee on Starr's kisser before unloading a series of head butts of his own. It's safe to say, that both Starr and Double D both suffered concussions from this bout. Double D then performed a perfect neck breaker but still only got a count of 2 by the ref. Starr was a man possessed. As Starr recovered on the mat from the previous neck breaker, Double D looked to take flight by climbing to the top rope.


       That's when Venus interfered by slowing D's ascension up the ropes as the ref tried to break up the meddling. This gave Starr a chance to get ahold of his brass scepter and once Double D was finally ready to jump from the top rope, Starr was waiting with his scepter and clocked D square in the face, knocking the champ out cold. From there, Starr hooked a leg and the ref got back into the picture and counted the 1-2-3. Even though this was a non-title bout, and Starr used some underhanded tactics at times, this was far and away, Starr's best performance in IZW. The match was set up for Starr to try and hurt Double D at Neil's request, and he did just that. But Starr also showed that he is a wrestler to be feared, in his own right, for what he can do grappling wise in the squared circle.


       In other in ring action, Cody Jones and Copycat defeated Big Business (Kevin Morgan & Damon Windsor) in tag team action. Jones and Copycat were on a roll as their speed and athleticism were unmatched, but in the move of the night, just as Jones was landing a series of punches and bounced off the ropes to hit Windsor with even more leverage, Windsor picked up Jones like a rag doll and swung him around like a toothpick until finally planting him on the mat with a side slam. The feat of strength exhibited by Windsor was impressive and it halted Jones' attacks in a split second. After a few more clotheslines in the corner and some choking at the hands of Morgan, Jones was a broken man. Another clothesline that almost separated Jones' head from his shoulders by Morgan was all the punishment any one man could bare. But Big Business wanted more. And that was where they made their mistake. Jones somehow, someway found a way to tag in Copycat and Copycat unloaded on Windsor, reversing a choke slam attempt by Windsor into a hurricanrana. Copycat tagged Jones back in whom by this time was revitalized as he landed an ax handle off the top ropes, followed by a 360 degree flip onto Windsor for the pin. It was a great display of perseverance and heart by Jones and Copycat as they found a way to win.


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