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The November 24 edition of IZW TV on GFL was another great night of wrestling highlighted by the IZW World Heavyweight Champion and Impact Division Champion both in action as well as a title switch in the main event with the world tag team belts on the line.


In the main event, Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) defeated The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize) to become the new IZW World Tag Team Champ

ions after a match that went back and forth. It was quite a turnaround for Big Business who were defeated last week by Team Re-Mix (Cody Jones & Copycat) only to be given a title shot a week later. They took advantage of their Elite Status and regained their titles that they lost in a 4-Corners Match at Halloween Hangover last month. Big Business showed that they are more than just brawn as they implemented a great strategy in the bout. They kept the smaller Price in their corner, while continually hitting him with power moves, including slams, big boots or punches and kicks and would not let the injured Sucka get to his own corner for the tag. Windsor and Morgan tagged in and out and always had a fresh body attacking the isolated, Price. But Price persevered and saw an opening to tag Cruize in to even the odds. Cruize did just that as he lit Windsor up with overhand rights. The OSS had Windsor on the mat helpless as they dished out their own double team with Price landing an elbow and Cruize following up with a leg drop.


But Windsor and Morgan wouldn’t stay down. They regained momentum once again and cut off Price from Cruize. Windsor went for the finish as he perched Price up on the top rope. But once again Price showed the heart of a champion as he landed a corkscrew moonsault that dropped the bigger Windsor dead in his tracks. Morgan then threw the tag belt in to the ring for Windsor to use, but a drop toe-hold by Price planted Windsor’s face square on the belt. But the ref, believing that Price brought the belt in to the ring, did not make the count. Morgan and Cruize then battled out of the ring while Windsor recuperated. After a swinging neck breaker by Price it looked like the OSS would retain their belts but then the unthinkable happened. Referee Mark Wilson threw another tag belt to Windsor which he then proceeded to cave in Price’s skull, this time getting the pinfall from the two-faced referee Wilson as Big Business won the IZW Tag Team Titles for the second time!


In the co-main event, IZW World Heavyweight Champion Double D defeated “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs in a highly technical grappling match. After having D on the mat in a submission for some time, Jacobs had taken most of the fight away from the Champ. Jacobs positioned Double D in the corner and went for his patented flying double knees, but Double D was able to move out of the way at the last moment, crushing the momentum Jacobs had built up for most of the match. From there, in the same corner of the ring, Double D went to work on Jacobs’ face with a series of knees. After a quick rake to the eyes by Jacobs to regain his composure, he landed a leg drop from the top rope that almost spelled doom for Double D. But D kicked out. Jacobs decided to raise the stakes and hoisted Double D up to the top rope looking to deliver a super-plex. But the move was dismissed by Double D as he pushed Jacobs down to the mat and seized the moment by delivering a flying cross-body that planted Jacobs on his back for good as Double D scored the 1-2-3.


In other action, Jermaine Johnson retained his Impact Division Title after defeating the debuting “Mr. Nasty” Robert Lee. Lee was quite full of himself for the start of the bout, but things changed real quick once he came to the realization that he was in a fight with a bona fide wrestling superstar in Johnson. Johnson introduced Lee to the Hype Section, by slamming Lee’s body against the rails outside of the ring. Johnson also embodied the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair as he was relentless with chops throughout the match turning Lee’s chest into hamburger meat. But Lee showed true grit as he kept fighting back and wouldn’t give up even landing his “pimp slap” on Johnson. Lee’s showboating finally caught up with him, as Johnson reversed an aerial move by Lee and turned it into a modified bulldog as Johnson drove Lee’s head into the mat, knocking the challenger out cold. After the bout, The Convict came down to the ring and leveled Johnson putting the Impact Division Champ on his back after a devastating slam. These two are headed on a collision course at some point.


In other news, a huge match was booked for next week as Johnny Z gets the rematch he’s been wanting since Halloween Hangover as he will face “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil in a Lumberjack Match in what is sure to be a main event for the ages!


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