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After debuting last Saturday on Comcast (with Redemption, still airing now in selected markets), the now nationally broadcast IZW returns to GFL.tv on October 13 with more questions still to be answered leading up to Halloween Hangover on November 3. Last week, Double D was beaten down for the third week in a row, first by O’Malley and Kyle Kelly and then by “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil and the rest of Impact Elite. IZW Commissioner Erica’s plan is clear; destroy Double D before Halloween Hangover and leave him unable to compete in IZW’s fall spectacular. So far, her plan looks like it is working as the rampant carnage thrown Double D’s way is finally starting to take its toll on the champion.


The tag team division got a kick of adrenaline last week as the debuting Aerial Assault (Dane Griffin & Joe Herell) defeated IZW Tag Team Champs Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) in a non-title bout. After Big Business ended their feud with The Old School Suckas, they were looking for new competition and they found it in Aerial Assault. Is a title match in Aerial Assault’s future? Stay tuned.


What else is in store at the Impact Arena? Jermaine Johnson has been chasing championship gold since he lost the World Title earlier this year. Coming close to recapturing it on several occasions but falling short has got to be torturing the gifted grappler. Also, his fight with Impact Elite is only getting fiercer as last week Johnson, trying to save Double D, suffered a terrible beating at the hands of the feared group. Will Johnson be able to recuperate fast enough to be 100% when he heads into Halloween Hangover for what could be his final shot at the title? All these questions and more will be answered this Saturday.


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