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The October 13 IZW TV show on GFL was a game-changing event for Impact Zone Wrestling as a new champion was crowned and the lifeblood of IZW made his return after several months away from the ring! You never know what is going to happen each week in the Impact Arena and this event proved that once again as IZW continues to up the ante and push wrestling forward into a new era.


To start the show off, Madam Commissioner Erica ca

me out to the ring to spew her weekly verbal diarrhea but was interrupted by the returning Johnny Z. Z has been out of action and off of TV since July’s iPPV Evolution. Johnny Z commenced to rip Erica to shreds in a verbal smackdown. But Johnny Z was in the ring for another, more personal reason. And that was to deliver a message to his onetime best friend of ten years, and now #1 enemy, “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil. Johnny Z announced that Neil will now face Z in a Steel Cage Match at Halloween Hangover on November 3, in addition to Neil being a contestant in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal. For weeks, Erica has stacked the deck against current IZW Heavyweight Champion, Double D, and looked for ways to position Neil into the most advantageous spot in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal to reclaim the Heavyweight Title. Now that plan is shot to hell as even though Neil will be the 30th contestant in the Battle Royal, he will be coming off a sure to be violent, brutal, career-threatening match earlier in the night with the most sadistic man in IZW history, “The Natural Born Leader”, Johnny Z. It’s not a guarantee that Neil will even be physically capable of entering the Monsters Bash Battle Royal, and if he does, he will be nowhere close to 100%. Johnny Z promised to see Neil in the ring after the main event so the two could have a face to face.


IZW World Heavyweight Champion Double D kicked off the matches for the night by defeating challenger Kyle “Machine Gun” Kelly. It was vintage Double D as for the first time since he won the Heavyweight Title, he was in a one-on-one match and in a bout where he could let his wrestling skills shine. Double D was too quick and agile for the bigger Kelly as D landed a series of kicks, knees and aerial moves throughout the match to soften up the gritty Kelly, who has already made a name for himself early on in his IZW career. The end came when Double D landed 10 knees in a row and then followed it up with a flying crossbody off the top rope for the pin. It was an impressive dismantling of an opponent who outweighed the champion by at least a 100 lb.


In other action, in a repeat of last week, IZW Tag Team Champions, Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) lost for the second week in a row, this time against Cody Jones and Copycat. Jones and Copycat used their fast paced wrestling style to keep Big Business off balance and grounded with the end coming after Jones landed a springboard double-knee on Windsor and Copycat followed up with a rollup for the 1-2-3. It was a non-title bout, so BB kept their titles, but Impact Elite cannot be happy with the trend that is continuing as Big Business needs to regain their focus and use their strength to offset the quickness of teams like Jones and Copycat and Aerial Assault.


In the main event, and a preview to Halloween Hangover, the Impact Division Title was on the line in a 10-man Battle Royal as Damien Morte’s championship was up for grabs. It was a murderer’s row of wrestlers that were vying for the title, including “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs, Cody Jones, Jermaine Johnson, Kyle Kelly and the Red Devil. Champion Damien Morte was eliminated in the final four so that meant a new champion would be crowned. The final three contestants were Jacobs, Johnson and Kelly. It was two on one as Jacobs and Kelly went against Johnson, but Johnson showed a lot of inner fortitude as he first dropped Kelly out of the ring, then grabbed Jacobs using his own legs as Johnson hung upside down almost out of the ring and flipped Jacobs out of the ring to become the new Impact Division Champion! By winning this title, Johnson now becomes one of the few wrestlers in history to win the distinctive Triple Crown which includes the Heavyweight, Tag Team and now Impact Division Titles in IZW. You never know what is going to happen at the Impact Arena and on this night, championship gold changed hands!


After the bout, as Johnny Z stood in the middle of the ring and called Neil out, he instead got Neil live via the Impact Tron. Neil told Z he would see him next week, on his own terms and instead had a welcoming present for Z for this night. Impact Elite came down to the ring to do a number on Z. But Z would not back down and took the fight to Impact Elite throwing haymakers at anything that moved. Also, Johnson, Double D, Copycat, Randy Price and Cody Jones came rushing down to the ring to even up the odds, highlighted by a chopfest that tore the house down as well as the hides off of Impact Elite. To finish up the festivities, Johnny Z landed his patented finisher, the Big Boot, on IZW Wrestler!


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