by Drew Archer


Coming off the heels of the huge October 13 episode of IZW on GFL.tv, things are bound to heat up even more on October 20 as IZW edges closer to Halloween Hangover on November 3. Last week was highlighted by Jermaine Johnson winning the Impact Division Title in a 10-man Battle Royal and the return of IZW owner and founder Johnny Z!


With Johnson’s win he joins an exclusive club as one of the few wrestlers to win the Triple Crown in I

ZW and you can bet former champion, Damien Morte, is going to have something to say about reclaiming his title in a bout where he was never even pinned. But with the familiar feel of gold around Johnson’s waist again, the leader of the Hype Section isn’t going to let anyone or anything come into the squared circle and take his newly won title any time soon. Along with other title challengers, Kyle “Machine Gun” Kelly, IZW Wrestler, Jordan Jacobs and the Red Devil, Johnson will have to have eyes in the back of his head if he is to withstand the coming battles he is going to face in the future.


In other news, after throwing down the gauntlet to “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil, and challenging him to a Steel Cage Match at Halloween Hangover, Johnny Z is back in full force in IZW. To close the show off last week, Z led a group of IZW All-Stars in a chopfest of Impact Elite followed by a Big Boot on IZW Wrestler that crushed Starr’s face into Jell-O. Impact Elite is probably still licking their wounds and there’s no doubt their chests are still raw and beet red from all the chops that the received. How will Madam Commissioner Erica deal with the undeniable fact that her stable got a thrashing in the Impact Arena for the world to see? Neil promised to be in the building this week and reply, in person, to Johnny Z’s challenge. Expect more fireworks from these two as the go barreling down the road to Halloween Hangover.


Has there ever been a more exciting time to be a tag team in IZW? The simple answer is no. With Big Business still holding the titles, two new teams have emerged as legitimate challengers with Aerial Assault and Cody Jones and Copycat joining the Old School Suckas in trying to dethrone Big Business. With the champions coming off back-to-back weeks of losses in non-title matches, you can bet they will be looking to make a statement this Saturday.


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