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The Impact Arena was rocking on Saturday night as IZW presented another episode of its ground-breaking weekly series on GFL as the wrestlers inched even closer to the November 3 iPPV Halloween Hangover. With Johnny Z challenging “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil to a Steel Cage Match at Halloween Hangover, this was the night Neil would give his answer to Z. The drama was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Neil accepted

the challenge but demanded Johnny Z come out to the ring and explain himself, which he did. Z reminisced about the times Neil and him spent holidays together including Christmas and Thanksgiving and most importantly, and gut wrenching, was to hear Johnny Z tell of how Neil was present in the hospital for the birth of Z’s son, nine years ago. To watch and listen at how far this once rock solid friendship has deteriorated in the past year was disturbing. It wasn’t Z who needed to explain himself, it was Neil. In Johnny Z’s mind, Neil is a wretched person. Worse than any other member of Impact Elite, because he was Z’s best friend for 10 years and the way he handled himself and stuck the knife in Johnny Z’s back was nothing short of pure cowardice.


In the main event, a 10-Man Battle Royal was held as Aaron Neil had to defend his final spot in the Monster Bash Battle Royal at Halloween Hangover. The other nine contestants included; Jermaine Johnson, Kevin Morgan, Randy Price, Bryan Cruize, Jordan Jacobs, Damien Morte, Dane Griffin, Joe Herell, and Kyra Maya. This bout was basically a defacto #1 Challenger Match for the World Championship as the final entrant into the Monsters Bash will have a significant advantage over the rest of the pack as they will enter the bout fresh and after a large number of wrestlers have already been eliminated. The match came down to Neil and Price as the last two men standing. In a one on one matchup, very few wrestlers can beat Neil as he took the fight directly to Price eliminating him by landing a hard elbow right to Price’s face as he stood on the outside of the apron. The blow knocked Price down to the ground giving the victory to Neil. Neil showed great perseverance in retaining his position as the final entrant into the Monsters Bash Battle Royal at Halloween Hangover. If nothing else, this proves that Neil has hit the switch and is serious about regaining his World Title. This was the first step to doing that and it was a huge accomplishment, particularly since Double D will be the first entrant. But as Neil celebrated to a chorus of boos, Johnny Z snuck up from behind and when the situation was just right, landed a perfect Big Boot on Neil’s chin knocking out the “Bronze Bull” in the middle of the ring as the show went off the air.


Double D defeated The Convict in a one on one match to retain his World Title. It was a grueling match for the champion as The Convict unleashed a fury like never before including a fierce belly to belly suplex that folded D up like an accordion. The Convict was methodical in his approach as he dropped punishing forearms to D’s back and head until finally Double D was able to hit a flying DDT, knocking The Convict off his feet for the first time in the match in a move that changed the course of the match. Double D then landed a series of knees and a flying crossbody giving him the pin!


In tag team action, The Old School Suckas defeated Aerial Assault after Cruize rolled up Griffin after a match where each team fought tooth and nail. Both teams will be part of the Tag Team Championship Match at Halloween Hangover when they along with the team of Cody Jones and Copycat take on Champions Big Business.


In other action, “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan defeated Damien Morte with the Nuclear Device thanks to interference from “Number 1” Shawn McHale. Both Morgan and Morte have hit an unlucky streak as of late with the former losing in back to back weeks in tag team action while Morte lost his Impact Division Title two weeks ago. Both wrestlers came out like bats out of hell and Morte had Morgan on the ropes a few times, but with Impact Elite, they never travel alone and the odds were stacked too much against Morte in this one.


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