by Drew Archer


 This week’s edition of IZW TV on GFL.tv is the go-home show before Halloween Hangover on November 3. You can bet after last week’s episode everyone in IZW is looking to leave one final mark in the Impact Arena before the big showdown on iPPV.

 After last week’s dismantling of The Convict, IZW Heavyweight Champion Double D proved that he is a true force against anyone in a one on one match. The only problem is Impact El

ite doesn’t fight fair, and there is no doubt that Madam Commissioner Erica will have something up her sleeve for the Champion. But so far, Double D has blasted through every challenge set before him and he seems like a man possessed who will do anything to remain IZW Heavyweight Champion.


 This will also be the final time before Halloween Hangover that Johnny Z and “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil will be together in the Impact Arena. After last week’s huge victory for Neil where he secured his position as the final entrant in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal, his world came crashing down as Johnny Z landed a perfect Big Boot crumbling Neil to the mat. Earlier in last week’s show, Johnny Z gave a heartfelt speech as to why he challenged Neil to a Steel Cage Match at Halloween Hangover and after listening to Johnny Z he is a man on a mission. A mission to make Neil suffer and suffer dearly.


 Scheduled to wrestle this week will be Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson defending his Championship against IZW Wrestler in an Impact Rules Match. The rules are simple. There are no rules. You can do whatever you want, use whatever foreign object you can get your hands on and do all sorts of felonious activities in an Impact Rules Match. Impact Elite will no doubt be in tow backing Starr’s every move and possibly getting involved so Johnson will have to be prepared for that reality. Johnson is no stranger to specialty matches; in fact he thrives in this environment, so he will have a few tricks up his sleeve as well. For Starr this is his opportunity to win his first title in IZW as well as go into Halloween Hangover as the Champion. Johnson is used to having a bullseye on his chest so defending against Starr this week and if he wins, against four wrestlers (Damien Morte, Jordan Jacobs, Kyle Kelly and Starr) at Halloween Hangover is something Johnson not only welcomes but embraces.


 Hang on folks; there is more to the story as IZW presents its final event before the Fall Classic Halloween Hangover.


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