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The October 6 show on GFL was a historic event for Impact Zone Wrestling as it was the night IZW continued its streak of producing excellent new content for the Internet iPPV juggernaut (GFL) as well as the night IZW made its debut on a national basis with Comcast. With so much riding on the evening, the wrestlers at the Impact Arena upped the ante with their in-ring action and showed why IZW continues to change the wrestling



In the main event, the trend continued with Double D being placed in an impossible situation as this week he faced O’Malley and Kyle Kelly in a Handicap Match. Double D proved once again that he has a ton of heart, maybe too much as he again excepted the stacked deck against him and went toe to toe against another formidable force. Double D was able to land his famous kicks to O’Malley and Kelly at points during the bout, but his opponents were just too big as both O’Malley and Kelly have chins made out of granite and can withstand tons of punishment due to their massive size. It didn’t take long for this to turn in to a one-sided mauling as O’Malley and Kelly, once bitter enemies, put their rocky past aside and unleashed a beating on Double D, the worse one yet, since D captured the World Heavyweight Title. The bout ended when O’Malley and Kelly landed a doomsday device that nearly decapitated the champion. Erica is doing her best in trying to totally destroy Double D’s chances at defending his title at next month’s iPPV Halloween Hangover on November 3.


After the match, “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil once again came out to pick off the remains of Double D’s carcass like the vulture that he is. Neil landed a Greetings From Mt. Olympus followed up by a Boston Crab. Jermaine Johnson rushed down to the ring and grounded Neil with a nice double leg takedown then unloaded a series of punches on Neil’s face. But then Jordan Jacobs and IZW Wrestler came down to the ring to handle Johnson and while they were going at it, Neil hit a spear on Johnson. It looked like this would end badly again for Johnson and Double D, but this week the Old School Suckas where in the house and made their presence known by throttling Neil, Jacobs and Starr. But the Impact Elite numbers are too great as Big Business (Damon Windsor and Kevin Morgan) proved as they ran down to the ring and cleared house once again. Impact Elite stood tall in the ring as the show went off the air.


In the co-main event, Aerial Assault (“Daredevil” Dane Griffin & “High Risk” Joe Herell) defeated Big Business in an impromptu non-title match. Big Business issued a challenge to the IZW locker room and the debuting Aerial Assault came out to accept, and in doing so, showed their mettle in the ring. Aerial Assault was true to their name as they delivered a series of well-timed moves that started with them catching air and ended with Big Business going down to the mat. But Big Business would not go out that easy. Both Windsor and Morgan used their strength to slow down AA at times landing some well-placed slams that knocked the wind out of AA, but on this night AA was hitting on all cylinders and proved that they are a team to be reckoned with, as they worked together by always keeping a fresh man in the ring and bringing a nonstop attack to BB. Aerial Assault got the surprising pin by using a springboard dropkick and then a rollup as they pulled off the biggest upset in recent weeks in IZW. Even though the gold wasn’t on the line, Aerial Assault proved that they are a tag team to be reckoned with in IZW.


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