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The September 1 edition of IZW TV on was another classic show brought to you by the hard working wrestlers of the most thrilling independent promotion in the country.



In the main event, the IZW Tag Team Champions Big Business (Kevin Morgan and Damon Windsor) defeated Revolution (Dane Griffin & Seth Allen) to retain their tag team titles after Morgan choke slammed Allen and followed up with the pin. It was a solid match and Revolution showed they can be a force in the division, as they gave the champs no respect and attacked them from the opening bell. Using rapid fire strikes and constantly tagging each other in so that there was always a fresh man on the attack was a smart game plan. Revolution was trying to set the pace above what Big Business was used to in hopes of using their speed to tire the champs out. It worked for a time, but on this night they just lost to a bigger, better team. Revolution’s momentum would stop after a clubbing punch or power move from either Windsor or Morgan and the match went back and forth like this until the end where Morgan put Allen’s lights out with the choke slam. After the match is when Big Business went overboard as Windsor brought in a steel chair to the ring and was ready to smash Allen’s head in had in not been for the run-in by the Old School Suckas (Randy Price and Bryan Cruize) who turned the tables on Big Business and dished out their own brand of punishment as they throttled Morgan and Windsor in the corner with punches, kicks and chairs! Revolution even got in on the action as they delivered a con-chair-to to Morgan as they dropped the giant to the mat. The Suckas followed up in kind with a con-chair-to of their own on Windsor who fell lifeless to the mat as well.



Also in action, newcomer Kyle Kelly defeated Rage Logan via disqualification. It was a solid match with contrasting styles as Kelly is a behemoth of a man and used his size to try and break Logan in half. Logan, the crafty veteran that he is, dominated most of the bout by using speed and quickness and a series of pinpoint attacks to slow down Kelly’s offense, including an Achilles Lock that Logan almost got a tapout from. The match ended when O’Malley came down to the ring and made a move towards Kelly distracting him, giving Logan just enough daylight to hit a leaping neckbreaker. O’Malley entered the ring to attack Kelly while IZW Impact Division Champion Damien Morte came from behind the curtain making a beeline for Logan. Morte looked like an animal with his back against the wall as he lashed out at Logan with everything he had and once he finished destroying Logan in the ring he set him up on a table to finish the job. But the cagey Logan was able to escape Morte’s final punishment. In two weeks, these men will face off in a tables match at “Redemption” with the Impact Title on the line and there will be no escape for either man.



Tonight’s show was a great testament to how deep the talent pool in IZW is as the debut of Kyle Kelly and the return of Revolution (Dane Griffin & Seth Allen) only make the organization stronger. With a weekly series on, a regular iPPV and the Comcast show coming in October, IZW continues to prove why it is the #1 Independent wrestling promotion on the scene today.



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