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by Drew Archer


 The September 22 IZW show on had plenty to talk about. It was the debut of the new World Heavyweight Champion, Double D, as well as more threats from Madam Commissioner Erica who has completely flipped her wig now that her former boyfriend, Double D is the man on top of IZW.


In the main event, in a handicap match Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) defeated Double D by pinfall in a match that was set up to destro...



y the new champ on the first week of his reign. The odds were stacked too much in the favor of Impact Elite in this matchup, even for Double D. At times throughout the bout it looked like Double D would pull off the improbable victory as he used his high flying to bring Big Business down to size a time or two. But with Windsor and Morgan’s size and strength they are a handful for any duo in wrestling, hence the reason they are IZW Tag Team Champions. To put them in a handicap match against a single competitor is just cruel and unusual punishment, but that is exactly the type of person Erica is these days. Windsor and Morgan beat D to a pulp and destroyed any momentum Double D earned a week earlier by winning a hard fought TLC Match at “Redemption” to capture the World Title. After the bout, former champion “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil came down to the ring and showed that he is still holding a huge grudge against the man who took his title only seven days earlier.


 Neil hit a Greetings from Mt. Olympus (Real Drill) on Double D that laid out the new World Champion, followed up by a kiss of death from Erica. It was quite a sight as Double D lay motionless in the middle of the ring, surrounded by Impact Elite.


 In other action, Neil defeated Impact Division Champion Damien Morte in a non-title bout via Greetings from Mt. Olympus (Real Drill). Neil dished out tons of punishment including giving Morte a spear that almost tore him in half and a knee to the midsection to set up Neil’s patented finisher.


Also in huge news, Erica revealed that Double D would have to defend his World Championship in the Monster’s Bash Battle Royal at “Halloween Hangover” on November 3. This will be a first in IZW, as the title has never been defended against what amounts to the entire roster at one time in one match. Erica also said Double D would be the first competitor in the Monster’s Bash Battle Royal stacking the deck even more and almost assuring that D would not walk out of “Halloween Hangover” still holding the gold.


Earlier in the night, a clip was shown from “Redemption” where in the Impact Elite dressing room, Erica banned “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs from the Impact Arena because of his loss to Damien Morte at “Redemption”. Does this mean Jacobs is out of Impact Elite? Whether people like Jacobs as a person or not, nobody can disagree that he is one of the finest grapplers on the IZW roster and losing him is going to weaken not only Impact Elite, but also the depth of the Impact Division and IZW as a whole, as Jacobs is one of the top contenders for any title, every time he steps inside the ring.


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