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The September 29 edition of IZW TV on showed just how far Impact Elite is willing to go to crush the title reign of Double D and exert its power. Last week Double D found himself in a Handicap Match against the IZW Tag Team Champions, Big Business and then finished off by “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil. This week, in the main event, Double D found himself again in a 2 on 1 match facing Kyra Maya and The Convict in a Handica

p Impact Rules Match. And that was only the beginning.


Double D was effective in picking his spots and utilizing his speed and agility, but the power and strength of Maya and The Convict and the added caveat of the match also being under Impact Rules, were too much for any one man to overcome. It looked like Double D might pull off the win after landing a perfect knee to The Convict’s face and following it up with another kick to his foe as a steel chair crunched into The Convict’s head at the same time dropping the big man like a ton of bricks. With The Convict incapacitated, Double D saw his chance and landed a flying crossbody on Maya followed up by a pin, but it was not to be, as The Convict recovered and stomped on D to break up the pinfall attempt. With Maya still on the mat, The Convict rushed Double D, but the Champ side-stepped the attack as The Convict ran into the turnbuckle. From there, D landed a series of his patented knees to the face of The Convict, slowing down the giant again. The Convict was ready to fall, but Maya cracked D in the back of the head with the championship belt and The Convict gave him his finisher, The 15 to 20, as Maya swarmed in for the pin.


It was then that Erica herself, now ringside, stopped the pinfall herself! Had Erica finally seen the light? Had she seen the error of her ways? NO. She wanted Double D to suffer even more and suffer he did as The Convict gave him another 15 to 20 through a table. Double D remained lifeless as The Convict got the pinfall.

From there, Neil came down to dish out more punishment to Double D putting him in a Boston Crab submission looking to end Double D’s career. But luckily for the Champion and the IZW faithful, Jermaine Johnson rushed to the ring to break up the hold. From there, Johnson gave Neil a whopping as he connected with punches and kicks and had the “Bronze Bull” on the ropes. But as Impact Elite is famous for, they don’t fight fair, and Big Business, Jordan Jacobs and IZW Wrestler rushed the scene, attacking Johnson all at once, including a Detonator by Big Business. Impact Elite once again solidified its status in IZW as the alpha group to end all alpha groups. What’s worse is the final scene on the show could very well resemble what Halloween Hangover is going to resemble on November 3 when everything will come to a head.


Earlier in the night, Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) defended their titles against Cody Jones and Copycat in a brutal, one-sided mauling. Big Business has been on a tear ever since winning the titles and continued their dominance again against a team that has great skills in the ring, but is just a bad matchup against the champs.


The Coronation of the Golden Goddess Venus also took place as IZW Wrestler was there to MC the festivities. But before the crowning, Starr and Venus both called down Johnson to the ring to apologize to Venus for past behavior. As these things tend to do for Venus, it backfired and Johnson ended up with the tiara in his hands and worse yet for Venus, “The Megastar” Angel Blue made her return to IZW as she and Venus threw down until Blue kicked Venus out of the ring.


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