IZW Superstars Look for Redemption on August 6th



 In the first match of the night, one half of the IZW Tag Team Champions the Future Hall of Famers, Bad Brad Michaels was able to defeat one half of Aerial Assault, Ky-ote Joe with a springboard DDT. After the match, he had some choice words for Bernie D, making fun of him for not being able to find a tag partner. He continued, saying that when the Future Hall of Famers win the Danny Hodge Invitational Tournament, he would use the money to buy Bernie a partner. Later in the evening, Bernie D faced off against the former Impact Division Champion, “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry. At the end of his match last week, Bernie D had injured his leg and after a few minutes of the match, the injury started to take its toll on Bernie. IZW Commissioner Jeff Wolfenbarger was with Barry, and he took every opportunity to attack Bernie on the outside. Suspiciously, he even seemed to do it purposely in front of guest ring announcer Gary Tool. After looking for a tag team partner to help him against the Future Hall of Famers for so long, last week he very seriously asked IZW Hall of Famer Gary Tool to come out of retirement to help him. Though it seemed to pain him, Tool told him that just couldn’t do it. This seemed to devastate Bernie. When the referee was distracted by Jeff, Barry hit the Saturday Night Special to pick up the win and Bernie just couldn’t take it anymore. He asked Gary Tool where was he when he needed him? Why hadn’t anyone come to his aid yet? Then, stunning everyone in the arena, especially his old friend Gary Tool, Bernie said that he quit, dropped the mic and left. Tool seemed perplexed as he had no idea what to do. Will Bernie D be back for revenge on the Future Hall of Famers or is he really done? How will Gary Tool react to this?


 In a backstage interview, the “Awesome One” Kevin Morgan said that in his match with Jordan Jacobs at Redemption, he planned on not just beating him, but injuring him. The “Oklahoma Anaconda” must have heard this – during Morgan’s match with Montego Seeka, Morgan pushed the referee down. Morgan held Seeka up by the throat and Jacobs ran to the ring and delivered a low blow. Seeka then hit him with the facebreaker and yakuza kick to win. After weeks of going back and forth, will Morgan or Jacobs come out on top at Redemption? After this match, Jeff Wolfenbarger came out with Impact, Inc. to run down everyone he could, including his brother Johnny Z, who had not yet been seen. As Double D beat Michael Barry for the Impact Division Championship last week, and would be facing IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson at Redemption in a Champion vs. Champion match, Jeff was putting him in a tag team match with Jordan Jacobs against Nemesis. Nemesis will be facing Aerial Assault at Redemption in a Number One Contender’s match for the Tag Team Championships. At the end of the match, Double D went up top to hit his big cross body, but Nemesis’s manager, Shoutin’ Shawn McHale grabbed his leg. Jacobs pulled him off and punched him, but Nemesis grabbed McHale’s megaphone and hit Double D with it to cause the DQ. As Nemesis began to beat down both men, Aerial Assault made the save. Who will be the number one contenders to the Future hall of Famers’ Tag Team Championships come Redemption?


 The IZW Commissioner also made the main event for the evening, putting the “Real Deal”Aaron Neil in a handicap match against IZW heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson and “Mr. Money” Randy Price. Neil will be facing Price at Redemption –if Price wins he becomes the 2011 Impact Player of the Year, but if Neil wins he finally gets his guaranteed title shot at Jermaine Johnson at the Danny Hodge Invitational iPPV. Neil used his strength to get over on both men for a few minutes, but the numbers got to him. Impact, Inc. eventually began to lose their ground as Neil fought back. Randy Price responded by hitting him with a chair, causing the DQ. But Johnny Z entered the Impact Arena for the first time, chair in tow. After chasing Impact, Inc. from the ring, Johnny reminded Neil that as co-owner he could still make matches. He asked Neil how he felt about restarting the match with Johnny as his partner. Before he could answer Johnson and Price rushed the ring. This evened the odds but Neil still got caught on the inside trying to make the tag. Finally he did and Johnny changed the course of the match. Eventually he hit Price with the Big Boot in the Corner before Neil gave Price the powerbomb into the Boston Crab, making him submit. Will the “Real Deal” make it through another obstacle to finally get his shot at Johnson’s Heavyweight Championship at Redemption? Or will Double D take that Championship away from Johnson? Where does Johnny Z stand in all of this? Find out as the IZW Superstars look for Redemption on Saturday, August 6th.




- Jonathan B. Scott



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