IZW Year End Awards January 4th Review

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The January 4 special edition of “IZW Adrenaline” marked not only the 350th show in IZW history but also featured the 2013 Year End Awards. Wrestling fans, get your first dose of high octane wrestling in the New Year as IZW tears down the house from the Impact Arena in Lawton, Oklahoma.

 Co-Commissioner “The Number 1” Shawn McHale kicked off the festivities with the first award of the evening, MATCH OF THE YEAR. Double D VS Brandon Bishop (9-14-13) took home the prize amid some stiff competition that included a Casket Match, Dog Collar match, TLC Match and a Ladder Match.


 In the opening bout, IZW Tag Team Champion “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) took on “Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) in singles action. Early in the match, Windsor had Johnson’s body bouncing all over the ring with clubbing right hands, clotheslines and a body slam on Johnson from the top rope. Johnson was able to use his own strength and athleticism to body slam the much bigger Windsor and keep the big man at bay for a time with some solid technical wrestling. But Windsor was too much on this night as he connected with a Black Hole Slam that trashed Johnson late in the match. Finally, Windsor proved too much as he hit a choke slam as Johnson went for an ES2 from the second rope and got the pinfall on the shattered Johnson.


 Backstage correspondent Jessy (@jessynlily777) gave out the next award for FEUD OF THE YEAR that was won by Miss Diss Lexia (@missdiss_lexia) VS Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) VS Angel Blue (@AngelBlue0830). The three ladies ongoing rivalry beat out other top contenders including Randy Price VS Brad Michaels which culminated with Michaels ending Price’s in ring career and Kevin Morgan VS Drake Gallows which took the Impact Division to new heights. MDL, Erica and Blue proved that they were not only as good as their male counterparts in this category but they were even better as all three ladies skyrocketed the ladies division with some innovative and jaw dropping wrestling throughout 2013. Expect even more OMG moments from these groundbreaking grapplers in 2014.


 Two of IZW’s brightest stars squared off when #1 IZW Contender “Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) wrestled “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows (@DG_urbanlegend). It was a contrast in styles as Michaels is more of a cerebral, methodical wrestler while Gallows is a risk taker, whose improvisation inside, and outside, the ring are second to none. Early on, both men traded dominance with some solid chain wrestling before Michaels’ technical mat based skills finally took over. Gallows’ already had his ribs taped up and Michaels attacked that weakened spot with body slams and pinpoint strikes. Gallows connected with two neck breakers and a flying clothesline from the top rope, but Michaels avoided the pinfall and hit a superkick shortly after that cleaned Gallows’ clock as Michaels scored his first pinfall win of 2014.


“The Butterscotch Stallion” Mark Wilson (@bsstallion) and Madam Co-Commissioner Erica handed out the next award, MOMENT OF THE YEAR. In a moment that shifted the entire axis of IZW, Johnny Z turns on Double D won in what was no doubt a landslide. Z’s decision to double cross “The Captain of the Force” earlier this year sent shockwaves throughout IZW that are still being felt today, most notably by the 20 pounds of gold wrapped around the waist of Z.


“The Forgotten Champion” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) and “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) squared off in a heated match. Copycat broke the base of Morgan early and got the big man down where Copycat worked over Morgan with some submission attempts. It only worked temporarily as Morgan got back to his feet and thrashed Copy with uppercuts, kicks and stomps. Copycat ducked an uppercut late in the match, went for a Doppelganger, but transitioned to a Sliced Bread instead in a slick bit of wrestling. Copy scored with a DDT next. Morgan responded with a Moment of Fear attempt that was blocked with a guillotine choke by Copy in a nice back and forth from these two accomplished wrestlers. Copycat used another submission attempt as he locked on a triangle choke moments later until Morgan got a rope break. The enraged Morgan, bull rushed Copycat who used the opportunity to sunset flip Morgan for a pin out of nowhere. It was a solid win for Copycat who now must regroup and look for a way to get himself back in the title hunt.


 IZW commentator Harrison Stone doled out the next accolade which was NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR. “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows defeated a stacked group of nominees to win the award in a year that saw a bevy of game-changing performers and athletes join IZW. Gallows used the time on the mic to issue a challenge to current IZW Impact Division Champion Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986) by invoking his automatic rematch clause to face Camacho in the near future.


 Mary Ann Albright presented the MOST POPULAR award next and the winner was Double D (@IZWDoubleD) making him a 2-time winner on the night. Double D continues to stand in a class of his own when it comes to fan support and admiration. D has made a career off of being true to himself and his fans and that trend continued in 2013 as evidenced by the loyalty shown from the IZW World in voting for him.


 The Midnite Rider and Soto Miyagi announced the TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR which turned out to be IZW Tag Team Champions, What Wrestling Should Be. Jermaine Johnson, Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) and Mark Wilson were on cloud nine as they strutted their stuff at the podium and rubbed their victory in the faces of the other IZW tag teams. Wilson was so pumped up that he issued a challenge to IZW Co-owner Jeff Wolfenbarger to meet him in the ring anytime.


 On the heels of that announcement, The Convict took on “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler (@thegods_bs). It was a valiant effort by Starr who got The Convict off his feet and made him pay with head butts and more but in the end it was typical Convict. Convict slammed, splashed and forearmed Starr to pieces as it was one brutal move after another. Things got extra violent when Convict tossed Starr out of the ring. The Convict gave Starr the most brutal 15 to 20 ever as he slammed Starr on the concrete floor! The Convict then dragged Starr back into the ring where he delivered another 15 to 20 before pinning the unresponsive Starr. But that wasn’t enough. Convict gave Starr to second rope splashed for good measure as he was looking at ending the career of Starr forever. With The Bronze Bull quitting last week and Starr being destroyed this week, it looks like Team Bull will never rise again.


 Randy Price declared the next winner of the 2013 IZW Year End Awards and it was Madam Co-Commissioner Erica winning for MOST HATED SUPERSTAR. This was Erica’s second award of the night and to her credit she found a way to turn a negative into a positive and used the opportunity to berate and belittle the IZW World.


“Bad” Brad Michaels closed out the awards ceremony by announcing the winner for SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR. Amid a stacked list of contenders, Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) took home the prize. The tension was visible as Michaels and Z went back and forth on the podium already gearing up for their confrontation on February 1 at “Violent Valentine” where Z’s IZW Title will be on the line.


 In the main event, in the midst of a raucous crowd at the Impact Arena, Z along with Erica battled Double D and Miss Diss Lexia in a Mixed Tag Team Match. Erica and MDL tangled first and Erica snuck in a bow and arrow no doubt harkening back to her amateur days. The two then went grip for grip, hold for hold showing off why they were part of the Feud of the Year. Z chimed in as he and Erica gave MDL a double suplex moments later. Z added a body slam to MDL next. D and Z squared off soon after as D lit into Z with absurdly hard knife edge chops. The match continued to pick up steam as Erica gave her former beau a drive by slap on the ring apron. Impact Elite regained control as Z choked the downed Double D. Erica tagged in and just missed a pinfall on D but sunk in a rear chin lock that weakened D for the returning Johnny Z. The tide shifted again when D caught Z with an enziguri kick as both men crumbled to the mat. Finally, the ladies tagged in again and MDL nearly took off Erica’s head with a running clothesline followed by a dropkick to the throat and culminating with a butterfly suplex. D re-entered the ring and proceeded to bend Erica over his knee and spank her like a child, which ended with a Force chop. Johnny Z then took a header because of a double drop toe hold from MDL and D. Then in the move of the night, Erica was used as a human torpedo and had her face driven in to the backside of Johnny Z as Z was still recovering on the ropes. The sight was not for the faint of heart. Finally MDL got the pin on Erica after a modified DVD and that wrapped the first episode of 2014!


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