Johnny Z Returns at "Coronation" on May 12


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“Coronation” on May 12 marks the return of the founder, owner and life blood of IZW, Johnny Z. Nobody has put more blood, sweat and tears into the thriving Oklahoma organization then its gun slinging owner. Johnny Z makes his return after a long injury layoff that required surgery to repair years of damage and trauma to his knee which he received while being a professional wrestler and giving the fans’ their monies worth. It’s only because of extensive rehab, grit and determination that Johnny Z is able to step back into the Impact Arena on May 12 and compete in the squared circle so soon. In fact, Johnny Z’s mending has gone much faster than normal for an injury as gruesome as his and that can be directly attributed to the mental toughness and physical work ethic that Z has displayed in tackling this injury head on, the same way that he stepped up to every challenge he ever faced inside of the squared circle throughout his illustrious career.



At the end of 2011, Johnny Z was in a hot feud with former NWA Champion and ROH competitor Brent “The Shooter” Albright when an unfortunate injury put him on the shelf. Since that time, an old foe has inserted himself into the day-to-day operations of IZW and managed to turn Johnny Z’s best friend into an egotistical, underhanded, cheating, prima donna. For Johnny Z, this return is much more than a simple match where he gets to prove he can come back from an injury, go through the motions and work off the ring rust. He’s going in to a fight where the very soul of IZW will be at stake. He will be stepping onto the mat with one of his longtime adversaries and a man that has run rampant in Z’s absence, IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop. Bishop has been on a power trip ever since his return in early 2012 and that’s partly due to Johnny Z’s absence. It’s an oversight that Johnny Z fully intends to correct while the two square off in the ring. Then there’s Z’s former right hand man and dear friend, Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil who has turned over a new leaf and sold out everything he ever stood for by aligning with Bishop over the last few months. Johnny Z provided the very platform for Neil to work in the profession he loves and be seen by millions watching worldwide on and this is the thanks Johnny Z gets?



The worst infraction made in Johnny Z’s absence might very well be Brandon Bishop and his cronies re-branding themselves as the new and improved Impact Inc. Impact Inc. is as much a part of who Johnny Z is as IZW itself. For someone, anyone, to use the name Impact Inc. without Johnny Z’s blessing and to keep him out of the group entirely is a deed only left for the stupid or insane. Either way, this has only motivated Johnny Z to come back and dish out heaping piles of destruction and punishment on Bishop and Neil. Johnny Z’s blood has been boiling for some time now and the Oklahoma trailblazer along with Jermaine Johnson are ready to take Bishop and Neil to the learning tree at “Coronation”, and it will be right there in front of a worldwide audience on live and in HD.



Nearly every wrestler in the IZW locker-room has had to choose sides as Nemesis, Jordan Jacobs, Damon Windsor, Shawn McHale and even Starr Venus have aligned themselves with Bishop on more than one occasion. On the flip side, grapplers like Jermaine Johnson, Double D, Cody Jones, The Old School Suckas and Erica have formed a resistance that has battled back against Bishop and Neil and the rest of Impact Inc. But unlike Impact Inc., the loyal IZW wrestlers have been missing a leader, a “Natural Born Leader”. It might be too late for the likes of Aaron Neil who has truly reveled in his new role as Bishop’s pawn, brainwashed by the manipulative Commissioner for months. But if anyone or anything can refocus or recalibrate a person’s head it is Johnny Z and his big boot.



May 12 at “Coronation” will prove to be much more than a regular wrestling pay-per-view. It will be two competing factions vying for the future of the most prestigious and respected wrestling promotion in the Mid-South territory today. Luckily for the wrestlers of IZW who live by an honor code they will be getting their General back to lead the charge and rally the troops in this assault as “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z makes his triumphant return to IZW on its biggest iPPV of the year “Coronation” broadcast worldwide exclusively on


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