Johnny Z Returns with Retribution on His Mind



Johnny Z’s recent situation with the group that he formerly led, Impact, Inc., has surprised and shocked the IZW fans. So when he was absent from the IZW Arena on July 9th, many wondered about the reason. What was the “Natural Born Leader” thinking after being attacked by Impact, Inc. two weeks in a row? But when Johnny Z returned the next week, it was obvious to the crowd, and to Impact, Inc., what he had been thinking.


 IZW Commissioner Jeff Wolfenbarger was absent for the evening, as he was having a meeting with to set up the internet PPV for the Danny Hodge Invitational in September. In his absence he made “Mr. Money” Randy Price the Commissioner for the evening. Price had the power to do whatever he wanted and started by kicking Aerial Assault off the show simply because he didn’t like them. he then came to the ring, and said that since he was in power for the evening he was declaring himself the 2011 Impact Player of the Year, as Aaron Neil had never claimed his trophy. When Neil came to the ring to object, Price challenged him to a match at Redemption on August 6th. If Neil won, he would face Jermaine Johnson for the IZW Heavyweight Championship at the Danny Hodge Invitational. If Price won, he would become 2011 Impact Player of the Year. Neil accepted and went to leave, but stopped when Price said, “Get out of my ring. That’s what I thought.” Price paid for his mistake when Neil laid him out with his powerbomb/cloverleaf combo, followed by the Real Drill for good measure. Will Aaron Neil finally get his Championship match or will Randy price become the 2011 Impact Player of the Year?


The show began with Nemesis continuing on their recent hot streak. In the first match, Damien Morte was able to defeat the Midnite Rider. Nemesis then declared that they wanted a shot at the Tag Team Championships. Bernie D came to the ring and said that if anyone should get a shot it should be him. Nemesis then pointed out that he didn’t have a partner. Bernie then challenged Rage Logan to a match since Morte had already wrestled. Logan was able to upset Bernie, who has obviously been distracted. He cannot seem to find a partner to take on the Future Hall of Famers, which seems to be eating at him as he desires revenge. Will he be able to find a partner to help him? Will Shoutin’ Shawn McHale’s presence continue to aid Nemesis in their winning ways?


 Katy spoke with Randy Price in the back, who was angry and in pain from Aaron neil’s attack earlier. He told her that he would be putting Neil in a match with Wage. But as the two men fought, Kevin Morgan came to the ring and attacked Neil. “The Widowmaker”Angel Williams then returned, furious at Wage for the brutal beatdown Wage had give him a couple weeks ago. He said that he didn’t mind getting his hands on Wage before their match at Redemption, but Price came out and said that only he had the power to make matches, putting Angel Williams against the “Awesome One” Kevin Morgan. In the match, Williams went for a spear, but Wage grabbed his foot. The two men fought on the floor, where Williams had the upper hand but got himself counted out. What will happen when these two monsters collide at Redemption?


 The main event of the evening saw Impact, Inc.’s Randy price and IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson take on Double D and the “Oklahoma Anaconda” Jordan Jacobs. In the beginning, Double D and Jacobs put it on Price and Johnson, even having Erica dive onto their opponents. After a few minutes, Impact, Inc. continued to go after Jordan Jacobs while keeping him away from Double D. Things turned around when he finally made the tag. But as both men climbed the turnbuckles to attack Johnson, Kevin Morgan came out unexpectedly. As he and Jacobs have been having issues lately, when Jacobs saw him he dove onto him, but was caught and rammed into the steel post. This allowed Impact, Inc. to give Double D a spike piledriver to pick up the win. As Morgan and Impact, Inc. attacked both men, Aaron Neil came out for the save but was overwhelmed. Bernie D attempted the same thing but was stopped as well.


 Then on the video screen appeared a live stream of IZW Commissioner Jeff Wolfenbarger. He had set up a live video stream so, in his words, he “can see anyone get beat up from anywhere!". But while he was enjoying the action, he suddenly stopped. The reason was that behind the group of men, Jeff saw his brother Johnny come in the front door with a chair. He then entered the ring and cleaned house with the chair. He was able to give his devastating Big Boot in the Corner to Randy Price but Jermaine Johnson was able to escape. Johnny was full of fire as he finally got some back on the group that he used to lead. Double D, Jacobs, Neil and Bernie D all looked on in shock as Johnny soaked it in and then walked to the back. Now that Johnny Z is not only out of Impact, Inc., but has a score to settle with them, what does this mean for both him and for Impact, Inc.? As IZW heads to Redemption on August 6th, the momentum can only pick up from here.




-Jonathan B. Scott



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