mark wilson

Height: 5'11''

Career Highlights:


Senior official of IZW until quiting to join Impact Elite


Co-Commissioner of IZW



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by Drew Archer


“I am elated to be associated with Impact Elite again.”



Former IZW head official Mark Wilson recently made the decision to transition away from his position as the most respected, unpartisan individual on the whole IZW roster and cashed that role and identity in for the man that I spoke with for this extended multi-part interview. Gone are the days of modesty and the understated, but respected, striped black and white referee shirt. The IZW World has now come face to face with the era of “The Butterscotch Stallion”; the flashy suits, underhandedness and arrogance that is Mark Wilson.


 This Mark Wilson is personality plus and fits in extremely well with the haughty and conceited stable that has run roughshod over IZW for multiple years. With so many things in flux in IZW and as 2014 looms in the near future, it was important to end the year strong with some solid interviews and in this case, get the words straight from the horse’s mouth and find out a little bit more about the newest member of Impact Elite who has already begun to have an immediate effect on multiple feuds and rivalries.




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