December 11, 2011





The PR blitz leading up to Chaotic Christmas on December 17 on iPPV at has been nonstop and there is plenty of great content available online for pro wrestling fans to view to get up to the minute breaking news and stories from the top Independent wrestling organization in the Mid-South region, Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW). IZW has been front and center with numerous media opportunities in the last several weeks, with the top wrestling websites and radios shows covering tons of IZW-related material. With more exposure and attention being placed on IZW than ever before, we wanted to let our growing fanbase know where you can find some of these great news stories and reporting covering the wrestlers and promotion of IZW.







*Brent Albright interview with AngryMarks Radio on 11/24 at This is Albright’s first radio interview in some time and he reveals what he has been up to recently with IZW, and takes a trip down memory lane and discusses some of his feuds under the WWE banner.





*Aaron Neil interview with HitTheRopes Radio on 11/27 at (Neil’s interview starts 110 minutes into the show). Neil reveals his beginnings in pro wrestling, his history with IZW, some of the highlights of his career and his feud with IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson.





*Jermaine Johnson interview with ATG Radio on 11/28 at (Johnson’s interview starts 78 minutes into the show). Johnson discusses his start in the business, how far he was willing to travel to train, the beginning stages of his career leading up to where he is now, the importance of IZW being the trailblazer in professional wrestling for a free, weekly, iPPV series, the partnership between IZW and and what that means for the future of the promotion and so much more.






*Brent Albright interview with Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly on 11/29 at in the Members Only audio section. An informative look at Albright in this 50-minute interview, which covers his entire career. Hear Brent’s reasons for joining IZW after taking a break from the business, his start in pro wrestling, time in Ohio Valley Wrestling and his epic feud with CM Punk, his WWE stint on Smackdown, his thoughts on Christ Benoit and all of the fallout, time in ROH, winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, greatest matches and feuds, and most important his upcoming No Holds Barred/No DQ match with Johnny Z at Chaotic Christmas on December 17 at


Some of the premier wrestling websites (along with the aforementioned) have also covered IZW shows, previewing and reviewing events and special promotions and marketing deals including Wrestling Inc. at, PW Torch at and PW Insider at





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