280 pounds



Luchenbach, TX by way of parts unknown


Signature Moves:

Bionic Elbow, Side slam, Sweeping the Floor with his competition


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Career Highlights:

-In addition to being an IZW superstar, he is also the facilities janitor


 -Over the years, many wrestlers have been accused of being The Midnight Rider, including Dusty Rhodes, Bill Watts & Bad Boy. Although nothing is certain, it seems highly unlikely that this Rider is the same as the earlier ones. Thus the reason his name is spelled differently. Until verifiable proof of his identity can be given, he will treated like any other masked wrestler in these bios.


 -Claims to be the 1/2 of the Mexican Tag Team Champions with Soto Miyagi, but no documentation of that title victory is available.


Has held multiple titles in multiple countries on multiple continents (in recent years being accompanied by Soto Miyagi)


The Midnite Rider's career, allegedly spans over four plus decades and has taken him to the far corners of the Earth. This travel hardened veteran of the squared circle has been a mainstay in Oklahoma wrestling and is now determined to continue his epic legacy in IZW.

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