RECAP 11-19-11


Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) presented another great night of professional wrestling with its November 19 television show. The 2-hour event is part of strategic partnership between IZW and the GFL Combat Sports Network ( to broadcast an ongoing Saturday night weekly pro wrestling series for FREE. Coming off of the heels of Halloween Hangover (available on video on demand at GFL.TV HERE) and gearing up for the final iPPV of the year on December 17, Chaotic Christmas (available for pre-order at GFL.TV HERE) things took a turn for the worse for one of IZW’s founding fathers.


The evening started off with Impact Inc.’s Jermaine Johnson, Brent Albright and Jeff Wolfenbarger coming out to a chorus of boos from the sold out Impact Arena. After Wolfenbarger and Johnson got the crowd into a frenzy it was Albright’s turn to speak. Albright started talking about Johnny Z and that was the wrong thing to do.


Johnny Z came out to confront Albright and cut one of the greatest promos of the year. The two alpha males stood nose to nose in the middle of the ring as time seemed to stand still. Johnny Z threw down the gauntlet, challenging Albright to a No Holds Barred/No DQ Match at Chaotic Christmas. Albright accepted and the two continued to jaw back and forth at each other until Johnny Z finally left the ring. For Albright this is a bit of karma coming back to bite him as has been playing mind games with his opponents since he debuted in IZW, most notably turning his back on Team Johnny Z at the Danny Hodge Invitational iPPV (available on video on demand at GFL.TV HERE) and joining Impact Inc., but now he has picked a one on one fight with the King of Mind Games, the “Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z!


As for the in-ring action, “Bad” Brad Michaels defeated “The Real Deal” Aaron Neil, with help from the Future Hall of Famers. Neil had the match won with a Boston Crab submission, but due to the outside interference by the Future Hall of Famers, Michaels was able to recover and unloaded a super-kick right onto Neil’s jaw.


 Double D (w/ Erica) defeated “Mr. Money” Randy Price (w/ Jeff Wolfenbarger) after Double D whipped Price into the turnbuckle where Wolfenbarger was standing. The impact of the accidental collision was brutal enough for Double D to get the rollup pinfall for the victory. Impact Inc. and “Mr. Money” have not been on the same page since Halloween Hangover and you have to wonder if this accidental collision will lead to more confusion within the ranks of IZW’s strongest faction.


Brent Albright (w/ Jeff Wolfenbarger) defeated Jordan Jacobs while Johnny Z helped out on color commentary in the IZW announcer’s booth. When the match was over Albright was walking back to the dressing room and crossed paths with Z. The two picked up right where they left off and began to jaw at one another until finally punches were exchanged. Johnny Z was getting the better of the unsanctioned brawl as he had Albright on the run, and was ready to deliver his patented Big Boot. But Albright sidestepped the move and Johnny Z slammed his right leg into the ring post causing a sickening thud. Alright was like a shark that smells blood in the water as he massacred the right knee of Johnny Z. Albright being true to his nickname as “The Shooter” gave Johnny Z a series of bone-crunching submission moves all intended to cause permanent damage to the knee and surrounding ligaments. Albright then finished up with a series of stiff shots to the already swollen and injured knee of Johnny Z. Johnny Z needed help from several wrestlers just to make it back to the locker room. The night started out with so much promise with a matchup of Johnny Z and Brent Albright set up for Chaotic Christmas, but after the one-sided destruction that Albright dished out, it’s anyone’s guess if and when Johnny Z will be ready to return to the IZW ring.


In other action, the IZW Tag Team Champions the Old School Suckas (Gary Tool & Bernie D) defeated the Future Hall of Famers (Eric Rose & Wage). The Old School Suckas continue to prove that they are the #1 Tag Team in IZW history as their legend grows every week with another hard fought win. For Rose and Wage this was not the start the Future Hall of Famers envisioned when they joined forces with “Bad” Brad Michaels at Halloween Hangover.


New addition to the IZW roster Chaz Sharpe defeated Rage Logan (w/ Shawn McHale). Sharpe has an amateur wrestling background and is hearing impaired so McHale’s taunts were useless as Sharpe stayed focused on the task at hand out wrestling his opponent and picking up a nice victory against IZW veteran Rage Logan. The future looks bright for Sharpe in IZW.


In the main event of the evening, IZW Champion Jermaine Johnson (w/ Jeff Wolfenbarger) defeated John O'Malley in a non-title fight. O’Malley used his size and strength to manhandle Johnson throughout the bout, but Wolfenbarger manipulated the referee, as the Future Hall of Famers came down to the ring. Michaels and Rose gave Big John a double super-kick and that was enough to chop down the huge redwood tree. An exhausted Johnson then fell on top of O’Malley for the 1-2-3. After the bout, the Future Hall of Famers and Jermaine Johnson issued a 4 on 1 beatdown of O’Malley. Aaron Neil came down and cleared out Johnson, but the Future Hall of Famers continued to throttle O’Malley 3 on 1 as the show went off the air.


Watch this exciting pro wrestling event exclusively through HERE as Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) presents its ongoing weekly Saturday night series, with its latest installment the November 19 show forFREE. Get to know these wrestlers and witness all of the ups and downs as these grapplers get down and dirty and show the world what Impact Zone Wrestling is all about!


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