The Evolution of IZW Has Begun as Double D Finally Gets His Vengeance


 IZW’s Evolution was a night to be remembered. It was about more than just victory and defeat…a win or a loss. It was about pride…dedication…vengeance…and maybe more than anything else, Evolution was about overcoming adversity. Multiple huge matches were held at Evolution. Jermaine Johnson put his IZW Heavyweight Championship on the line, as did Kenny Campbell with his Impact Division Championship. Did they leave with their Championships? And of course, the main event that was one year in the making…Johnny Z vs. Double D in a steel cage. Was Johnny Z victorious, causing Double D to work for him? Or was Double D able to beat Johnny, finally winning back his girlfriend Erica?


 The night began with a 5-Pack Challenge match for the Impact Division Championship. This was a unique match – twenty minute time limit, whoever scored the last pinfall or submission before time expired would be the new champion. This was “The Vulture” Kenny Campbell’s toughest defense to date since winning the Championship at Chaotic Christmas. Also in the match were Wage, “The Oklahoma Anaconda” Jordan Jacobs, Dustin Heritage, and “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry. It looked as if Kenny Campbell would retain as he gained a pinfall in the last few minutes, but Mr. Saturday Night was just able to gain the last pinfall with only seconds left to become the new Impact Division Champion. Surely, there is still animosity between certain men involved. It has been revealed that Kenny Campbell will get his rematch against Michael Barry this Saturday.


 Nemesis faced off against the new Aerial Assault for Number One Contendership for the Tag Team Championships. After Eric Rose suffered a torn ACL, Ky-ote Joe recruited a friend in Montego Seeka to take his place. This new version of Aerial Assault was victorious in their first outing to become the Number One Contenders. Where does this leave the former champions, Nemesis? In another unique match, “The Real Deal” Aaron Neil faced off against Randy Price in a Strap Match. The Strap was attached to a pole, which eventually was retrieved by Price, who wore down The Real Deal, but not enought for the vixtory. Neil then took out his frustrations on Price and beat him mercilessly with the strap after the match. The Real Deal still has a shot at the IZW Heavyweight Championship that he must be more than ready to cash in.


 In the war involving Bernie D and the Future Hall of Famers, things have taken a very much unexpected turn. Bernie D faced off against “The Hate Machine “ John O’Malley in a match where if O'Malley lost, the Future Hall of Famers would be forced to disband. But near the end of the match, a fan climbed onto the apron before being grabbed by referees and security. Surprisingly, this man turned out to be in disguise…and when he removed his disguise, he was none other than former leader of the Future Hall of Famers, Bad Brad Michaels. His return is a huge development for not only IZW, but especially for the Future Hall of Famers. Sources say that Michaels isn’t back for just a leadership role…and that he has specific goals in mind. Michaels will surely have something to say about his return this Saturday. One has to wonder where this means to Bernie D.


 IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson faced his “biggest” challenge yet in “The Awesome One” Kevin Morgan. Morgan showed his impressive strength throughout the match. At multiple points during the match, it looked like each man had it won. Johnson was able to kick out of Morgan’s forceful Oklahoma Stampede, while Morgan kicked out of Johnson’s Energy Shot and an Oklahoma Stampede of his own. But in the end, Johnson scored a quick roll-up on the big man. Johnson now continues his over eight month reign as Champion. As Katy was wrapping up the Heavyweight Champions win with a post-match interview, Aaron Neil invited himself into the situation shutting up Johnson and making it clear that the Heavyweight Championship is what The Real Deal has his sights set on.


 Finally, in the main event of the evening, Double D faced off against Johnny Z in a ten foot steel cage. Months ago, Double D’s girlfriend Erica agreed to work for Johnny in order for Double D to keep his job. Double D had to suffer the frustration and pain of seeing her having to accompany his enemy. So this match was made with a very significant stipulation. If Johnny Z won, Double D would come to work for him, where Johnny would be able to mold him in his own “image.” But if Double D won, he would finally get Erica back. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as they watched the two longtime enemies give it everything they had. The match seemed over several times but then Jermaine Johnson was able to climb through the door to help his friend. All of a sudden after escaping handcuffs, Erica climbed to the top of the cage and jumped onto both men. This allowed Double D to hit the Defacer on Johnson to put him out. Then he lifted Erica up to hit a double-team DDT on Johnny Z to win. The crowd erupted as he and Erica were finally able to embrace after being apart for so long. Double D had gotten the vengeance he had been fighting for for so long.


 With this tremendous event, IZW has begun a serious evolution. Things are bound to change in ways that the fans have not seen. Where will the company go from here? Be sure to witness a new dawn in the history of IZW.


 -Jonathan B. Scott



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