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Violent Valentine, IZW’s first iPPV of 2012 shook up the landscape once again as two new champions were crowned while the shifting dynamics had jaw dropping affects that will be felt for the foreseeable future. Nothing in IZW will ever be the same again including the two participants in the main event, who defied gravity at times and put their bodies on the line in a TLC Match for the ages.



In the main event, it was Jermaine Johnson once again capturing heavyweight championship gold for the second time as he defeated Aaron “The Real Deal” Neil for the IZW Heavyweight Title in an awesome TLC Match that combined the best of tables, ladders and chairs. The ending came when both wrestlers climbed the 12 foot ladder, simultaneously, and threw haymakers back and forth at each other until finally Johnson was able to kick Neil off the ladder, sending him through 4 tables and crashing to the concrete ground surrounding the ring! Johnson hung in the air for several seconds dangling above the ring until finally unclasping the belt from the hook and falling to the mat and becoming the new IZW World Heavyweight Champion! This TLC Match can stand against ANY TLC Match in history, WWE matches included. Johnson and Neil sent each other through tables, fell off of ladders, used chairs as a weapon and did it in every corner of the Impact Arena, giving the in-house fans their money’s worth and the fans watching worldwide on GFL.tv. The brawl started in the ring where Neil was full of fire and got the better of Johnson. Neil was intent on defending his IZW strap and early on it looked like he would do just that. But Johnson was able to counter by delivering a drop toe hold onto a chair, sending Neil face first into the cold iron and stopping him dead in his tracks. Eventually, Neil recovered and stole the momentum back by delivering a spine-buster, sending Johnson through a table that was set up in the corner of the ring. Later in the match, Johnson delivered a DDT on the side apron and placed Neil on a table outside of the ring. Johnson then revealed a 15-foot ladder to which he proceeded to climb up all the way to the top and deliver a splash onto Neil’s prone body. Both men crashed through the table, splintering it like kindling and take years off of both men’s lives. Somehow both wrestlers recovered and continued their battle onto the IZW stage where Neil sent Johnson flying off the 10 foot stage, crashing through a table, courtesy of a discus punch. Neil stacked up four tables while Johnson recovered and the two resumed their blood feud in and around the ring until finally both men made their way up the ladder in the center of the ring and Johnson prevailed by sending the massive Neil down to the hard concrete, but not before his body became a human torpedo and shattered 4 tables! You won’t find a more jaw dropping match in 2012 in professional wrestling than this TLC Match between Jermaine Johnson and Aaron Neil in the IZW ring.



In a match for the Impact Division Title, Rage Logan, Double D and the Man in the Dark where set to square off in a Triple Threat Match. In the beginning, it was only Logan and Double D, as the Man in the Dark failed to appear. Logan and Double D put on a wrestling clinic which featured great chain wrestling and cool aerial moves. Double D set the pace early on by using his athleticism and landing several hard knees to Logan’s face, including a flying knee from the top turnbuckle. Midway through the bout Logan was able to ground Double D and work him over with some classic scientific mat wrestling. Double D countered with a Hurricanrana off the top rope but Logan was able to leverage a brain buster minutes later which left both champion and challenger motionless in the ring. After a bit of outside interference by Damien Morte, Logan was once again able to gain the momentum. But Double D turned the tables after a flying, spinning, crucifix pinfall attempt and a dive outside of the ring that landed squarely on Logan and Morte. Both men, broken and exhausted made their way back inside of the ring where Double D went for a sure pinfall, but then the lights went out! When they came on again the Man in the Dark was revealed to be Jordan Jacobs who was now standing in the ring. As Double D turned around, Jacobs landed a boot to the face, knocking Double D out cold and pinning him to become the new Impact Division Champion. It was quite an unexpected revelation as Jacobs up to this point has always been a fan favorite.



To begin the show, Gary Tool along with new partner Randy Price defeated The Future Hall of Famers (Wage and Eric Rose) to retain the IZW Tag Team Championship. It has been a difficult time for Tool whose longtime partner, Bernie D, is still laid up from a beat down back in 2011. This match might be a changing of the guard as the duo of Tool and Price never missed a beat against the #1 Challengers in Wage and Rose. The ending came as Tool and Wage delivered a double cross-body onto each other colliding full force in the middle of the ring. Tool eventually made the hot tag to Price who cleaned house on both Wage and Rose. Price tagged Tool back in and together they delivered a double neck-breaker onto Wage, with Tool then getting the pinfall victory and retaining the titles with the help of new partner Randy Price. After the match, Rose showed his disapproval of Wage’s performance by landing a super-kick to Wage’s jaw. Rose then followed that up with a chair shot to Wage’s head.



Other matches included Starr (with IZW Wrestler) defeating Miss Diss Lexia and Erica in a Triple Threat Match and the giant Kevin Morgan defeating up and comer Chaz Sharpe.


Don’t miss this great event. Order it now on video on demand at GFL.tv and see a Match of the Year candidate as Jermaine Johnson and Aaron Neil tear the house down and deliver a superb TLC Match for all the marbles as the IZW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line! Also, watch some of the most fast paced, athletic, high maneuvering wrestlers battle it out for the Impact Division Title as Rage Logan, Double D and Jordan Jacobs compete in a Triple Threat Match.

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