What has Happened Within Impact, Inc.?



In the wake of Evolution, no fan would have predicted the turn that events would take. One week after Evolution, where Double D was able to defeat Johnny Z and win back his girlfriend Erica, Johnny called him to the ring. Then he shook his hand and left, making sure that none of Impact Inc. touched him. Later that night, when Impact, Inc. had Double D surrounded, Johnny came to the ring and stopped his group from attacking him, while also allowing him to leave the ring. Then all of a sudden, Johnny’s brother Jeff and IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson laid Johnny out. The crowd was left in shock as the group that Johnny Z had led for so long turned on him. So what happened the next week? What would Johnny Z have to say to the fans and also to Impact, Inc.?


 Johnny did not make the crowd wait as he came out to start the show. He was surprisingly calm in his anger. But he had come for answers, demanding that his brother Jeff come out to give them to him. Eventually, a smiling Jeff Wolfenbarger appeared on the video screen, saying that he would meet Johnny at the end of the evening.


The first match of the evening was between two tag teams that have had multiple issues this year. Nemesis and Aerial Assault entered the ring, when all of a sudden a man in the crowd started chanting into a megaphone, “AERIAL ASSAULT! AERIAL ASSAULT! AERIAL ASSAULT!” He then entered the ring to the confusion of many, seemingly surprising Nemesis as well. But he then revealed himself as the new manager of Nemesis, Shoutin’ Shawn McHale. He said that he had come to help bring the team back to the dominance that they created upon their arrival to IZW. His presence may prove to be a serious addition to Nemesis as they were able to defeat their rivals in Aerial Assault. Will they be able to get back on the road to regaining the Tag Team Championships?


 Later, new IZW Correspondent Katy came to the ring and called “The Awesome One” Kevin Morgan to the ring for an interview. She asked him about his recent loss to Jermaine Johnson at Evolution, where he was unable to win the Heavyweight Championship. This seemed to anger Morgan, who surprisingly blamed the crowd for his loss, saying that maybe he would be Champion now if the fans had truly been behind him at Evolution. He then towered over Katy and got in her face, grabbing the microphone from her and saying that he wouldn’t be held down by the fans or anyone at all anymore. This sudden attitude change and the fact that he seemed to be bullying Katy did not sit well with the crowd as they proceeded to boo him. Suddenly, “The Oklahoma Anaconda” entered the arena to the displeasure of Morgan. Jacobs took the microphone and told the Awesome One to man up and own his mistakes instead of blaming others, to make an impact instead of talking about it. He then said that he wasn’t doing anything that evening and challenged Morgan. As Jacobs turned around after letting Katy out of the ring, Morgan booted him in the face before delivering the Oklahoma Stampede. He then slammed him down with a devastating one-handed spinebuster.


This caused “The Real Deal” Aaron Neil to come out. He said that not only did he come out and trash the crowd, but that he attacked his man Jacobs. He then challenged him to a match with someone his own size. The match went back and forth before Neil’s target, IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson, distracted Aaron with his opinion of The Real Deal. This allowed Kevin Morgan to defeat Neil. The issues between Price and Neil have obviously not ended, when Mr. Money laid him out with a chair shot to the head. Jermaine Johnson then informed The Bronze Bull that his un-named opponent announced the week prior, was indeed Randy Price. Not only that but a gauntlet match with Kevin Morgan and a mystery opponent in line behind him. The winner of that match will face Jermaine Johnson for the Heavyweight Championship August 6th at Redemption. But what will come from the Awesome One’s change of attitude? IZW may have a serious new threat on its hands.


“The Widowmaker” headed out for a match next but was mysteriously stopped short by Wage. Wage proceeded to beat Angel down with his heavy steel chain, dragging him to the ring and leaving him incapacitated. Though no match had started, Wage demanded that the referee start the 10-count, which Angel could not answer. Wage revealed it was Angel who put him out 6 months earlier as he reminded the IZW crowd with a video. How will "The Widowmaker" respond? In the last match, Impact Division Champion “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry took on Double D. Each man gave the other a serious challenge, before Barry decided that he had had enough and left the match. Double D won by count out.


But the main event of the evening was the confrontation between Johnny Z and his little brother, Jeff Wolfenbarger. Johnny wanted answers from Jeff – why did he and Jermaine Johnson attack him the week prior? The crowd was quiet as they awaited a reason for Impact, Inc.’s actions. But what they got instead was the arrival of the rest of the group. Johnson, Michael Barry, and Randy Price all came to the ring. Jeff then explained to his older brother that what he is experiencing was a hostile takeover. Johnny Z could either let it happen or receive the consequences. But this time, Johnny decided he wasnt leaving his ring and attacked his younger brother, refusing to leave without a fight. As he was surrounded, he attacked the group first, but he was overcome by the numbers. The entire group then attacked Johnny relentlessly, all of the men hitting their finishers on him. They then tore his Impact, Inc. shirt off of him. After leading the group for 7 years, it seems like he has been taken out of Impact, Inc. What has happened within the group? Has Jeff Wolfenbarger’s presence caused a huge change? Whatever the reasons, the landscape of IZW has been greatly changed in the wake of Evolution. Surely, the changes are not over.


- Jonathan B. Scott



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